C204 C63 rear rattle


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Nov 18, 2020
C63 c204
Hi all, hope you can help me with this issue on a new to me purchased car. We have owned the car for less than a week and the fault was reported to the seller immediately and has today been taken to a garage for an inspection.

The rattling sound occurs at the RHS rear wheel area and when warm, stationary, when idling and there are no warning lights on the dash.

At first I was driving with the window down to enjoy the fantastic sound this car makes but when parked up near a wall I was hearing a rhythmic rattle coming from the rear. After putting the window up you can hear it even more and is sounds like a distant helicopter inside the car! Following inspection and according to the garage it sounds and feels like the fuel tank is vibrating and they said that when you remove the fuel filler cap the sound disappears, put it back on and it returns.

I haven't tried to replicate this myself with the filler cap but does anyone have a clue if this is a fuel pump on its way out or something else? Car has 43k and a full Mercedes history if that matters. I have a video taken on a phone but I cant seem to upload it.

Many thanks

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