C270 Engine Management Light

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Sep 6, 2008
Ive got a 2003 C270 Diesel. The engine management light has come on. The car is not due for service for another 9000 miles. I recently had the underbonnet/engine bay cleaned and im wondering if water has got into a sensor plug or something similar. The car is still driving perfectly. Without going to MB does anyone have any ideas as to how i can trace the problem?
Check all the connections, but really you need the codes read to ascertain what area is showing the fault.

Any OBD II code reader should be able to connect to the socket and read engine codes.
I will check connectors and report back tommorow. Now please excuse my ignorance, im more used to repairing tractors! What is an OBD reader and is this something a local workshop would have or only an MB dealer. It just seems odd to me that the the car has been running fine although its stood for 4 months and had to be jump started. Other than that i just suspected water from steam cleaner may have got in somewhere??
OBD stands for On Board Diagnostics and is standard for engine fault diagnostics.
A local garage will have a reader.
This assumes your car has the 16 pin diagnostics port under the dashboard on the drivers side.

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