1. R

    engine code

    Hi guys, I apologise for my ignorance here but how do I find out the engine code for my car ?? I have a 66 plate CLS 220 shooting brake Thanks in advance
  2. B

    Sl320 r129 engine cut out my P reg 320 cut out three times the is morning throwing up

    It cut out three times mange to restart it twice but the third it had to recovered on a lowloader Any suggestion Any suggestion Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  3. merc85

    w211 Engine bay Plastic cover's ?

    Does anyone know the correct part number for these covers? Were they ever avalible in the uk for the Pre facelift cars? Just thinking abit of weather protection cant be a bad thing not the my car really gets wet lol. Will the 2006> facelift covers fit if not?
  4. RickyKennedy01

    W203 Coupe Engine Noise

    As the title says, I’ve got a horrible noise when starting up the car. I’ve attached a link to my YouTube video, with further details in its description. Any help greatly appreciated! :D https://youtu.be/T3t5ZYekHb8
  5. merc85

    e55k hole in engine!

    Damm, what went wrong there?? MERCEDES BENZ E55 AMG, 53 REG - HPI CLEAR - SPARES OR REPAIRS, HUGE SPEC CAR | eBay
  6. rockits

    Engine Oil Explained - MultiGrade vs Synthetic

    For those who always wanted to know or for those who knew but wanted to see it more visually this video I found quite good. https://youtu.be/tYkg0oDUXs8
  7. MervC

    W203 engine cuts out and ignition lights come on

    Hi, My beloved W230 (2005) has recently started showing signs of problems: About once a week, whilst driving at any speed, all of the ignition lights came on, the engine briefly cut out, and then within a second the lights went out and the engine kicked back in, almost as if nothing had...
  8. damiandavis

    W211 E63 Engine Temperature Spike

    Driving in slowish traffic after driving at motorway speed and noticed the engine temp on the E63 rising from the usual 100C to 114C. Not seen this happen before and as soon as i got some speed up the temp dropped again. Is this a cause for concern or usual behaviour? Oil recently changed...
  9. ab9758

    W164 AMG engine "ticking time bomb" (!!??)

    Just had a buyer pull out of buying my 2007 ML63 AMG the night before collection. He's done a fair bit of research (I think first time buyer of AMGs) but had a very troubling conversation with someone from Mercedes (I think senior but unsure who or where from). Essence was that the AMG 6.3...
  10. AngryDog

    E55 engine and gearbox mounts

    How much are they from MB? Is MB the best place to get them? Thanks.
  11. D

    engine cuts out from time to time

    Hello everyone I have a peculiar problem with my car. It is a facelift 2005 Mercedes 200 cdi. The car starts perfectly fine, however now and then the engine will cut out either immediately after starting or right when I put it in revers (I have to back out from my drive in reverse) and start...
  12. G

    2011 Vito 116 New Engine

    Hi all, newbie to this forum. I am looking at buying a Vito to use as a daily runner and also to use to transport my motorbike at weekends. I've settled on the 116 Long as the engine seems to have plenty of power and I can easily get the 1 bike in by removing 1 rear seat, 2 bikes if I take...
  13. A

    W211 E270 CDI - OM 647 engine

    Hi, Is this engine oil (see attached pics) as per spec for my E270 CDI 2003 model? I was using Mobil1 Delvac 5w40 and was thinking of changing to Fuchs? Suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  14. F

    Engine cutting out while driving!

    Was driving along today when I noticed my blowers and A/C had stopped working then I noticed my Rev and speedometer where showing nothing to my horror the car was just cruising as the engine had cut off! I managed to pull over turned engine off restarted engine fired then went off straight...
  15. S

    FS: Mercedes Benz M157 5.5 BiTurbo AMG Carbon Fiber Engine Cover - CLS63/E63/G63/S63

    Genuine Mercedes 5.5 BiTurbo AMG Engine Carbon Fiber Engine Cover S63 E63 CLS63 Originally came off my CLS 63 AMG 2012 which I've now long sold. ITEM IS USED BUT IN GREAT CONDITION, SEE PICTURES Original Mercedes Benz Retail Price £1678.55 This is a genuine Mercedes Benz Product Mercedes...
  16. R

    Strange problem - engine or gearbox feels jerky

    Hi, Been having some problems with my 2013 model C250cdi coupe with the 7G tronic transmission. Firstly around a month ago, I left work on a hot day and as I pulled off the car park the car was really jerky at low revs. Lurching quite violently under acceleration from stationary. Kind of...
  17. E

    LHD/RHD engine wiring looms

    Hi, The electrical problems with my 2004 C220 cdi point towards replacing the engine wiring loom. The part number is A6461500833. The cleanest and best presented one that I can find on ebay is from Germany and has a part number with a '6' replacing the '8'. This might indicate a left hand drive...
  18. B

    Anyone going to miss engine noise from 2040?

    OK I know it was announced a few days ago that all cars manufactured in 23 years time are going to have to be electric but I was thinking that I will miss the sound of the combustion engine. Cars like the C Class diesel have been criticized for their gruff sounding engines but is a silent ride...
  19. E

    Engine oil cooler oil leak

    Hi, we bought ML250 a week ago that is 2.6 year old (register in Jan 2015). were very happy with the car, but decided to check it to feel safe. The check reveals Engine oil cooler oil leak (photo attached). The car is still under manufacturer warranty. We are not sure should we just return the...
  20. 190

    W204 C180K engine diagnostic light on

    The yellow engine warning light came on today approx. 1/2 mile after a cold start. The car drove perfectly for the next 10 miles but the light remains on. I've been meaning to buy a scanner anyway but I read somewhere that if it was fleeting fault the light will clear itself after 3 re-starts...
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