C63 CEL Solved

Feb 22, 2006
Hampshire, UK
C63 Coupe
Evening all, I thought I'd make my first post in many years a positive one.

I took delivery of a new C63 at the end of June and within 50 miles the CEL came on. I called Mercedes roadside assistance and given that there were no evident side affects their advice was to book it into a dealer for check and reset. Searching on here indicated nothing concrete so I thought I'd follow Mercedes' suggestion.

So I duly booked it into Mercedes in Basingstoke for the diff oil change (specced LSD) and for the CEL reset. Collected the car at the end of the day and they said that it had shown an Oxygen sensor error but that Mercedes Germany's advice was just to reset and see what happens. Naturally, on the way home the CEL reappeared.

Called them the next morning, and the service chap asked if I could take it back that day and that they'd take a look while I waited. So I took it back in and settled in to do some work on their Wifi while drinking their tea. An hour and a half later and the car was done. The fault was of course the same, so the engineer had manually checked the wiring to (one of) the Oxygen sensors and found a loose or broken pin in the connection plug apparently. He fitted (crimped, soldered?) in a new pin and so far, four days and 250 miles later I'm CEL free.

Well done Mercedes Basingstoke for being both responsive and for thinking outside of the box!


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