1. T

    Limp mode not solved

    Got error code for turbo actuator on e320 and have just replaced actuator but still same problem, vanes move freely, only goes into limp mode within 1st minute of start up in morning generally then ok rest of day, anyone any ideas? Thanks
  2. benlucas

    Steering wheel vibration/shimmy - solved!

    Hi all - hope my experience may help someone as I know how infuriating it can be to try and eliminate this. I've been getting a slight wobble through the steering wheel although it seemed to come and go dependent on the road surface – smooth it was good but any bad surfaces (of which there...
  3. SeanWRX

    W208 CLK320 electrical gremlins. One solved, another furtile :(

    Hi all. I am a newbie (introduction thread here: Borrowing a year 2000 w208 CLK320 off a mate, with a view to buying it off him if I get on with it and its auto gearbox (never driven an auto before). I have two...
  4. D

    E500 tapping noise - solved by Wayne Gates!

    MY E500 had a problem that ruined it for me: a low pitched tapping noise only heard on acceleration. I’d had a couple of very experienced people look at it, including the fantastic Terry from Wayne Gates. Terry eliminated lifter noise, transmission or cat noise and eventually suspected the worst...
  5. C

    Scratched Command screen - solved

    Thought I should share this. When I bought my car the Command screen was badly scratched. In the wrong light you couldn't read it due to all the fine marks on the screen. Perceived wisdom was that this was the anti glare coating damaged due to a previous owner using an aggressive cleaner. Was...
  6. R

    300-24 Stalling: Solved. And "Instant start" question.

    Hello All, Recent 300CE-24 work involved solving a very minor stall issue. Injectors and seals had already been replaced – a revelation. During this we noted brittle/cracked idle control valve pipes so these were bodged back to life with some success and replacements ordered. However, the...
  7. B

    S320 2002 Airmatic issues still not solved

    Have started a separate thread here see if I can get some more feedback on the Airmatic issues I am having. The trader I purchased the vehicle from had a new Airmatic Pump fitted last week, I picked the car up on Saturday afternoon, the engine was warm when I collected the car, when I set off...
  8. O

    A 5 year puzzle solved

    Having just had my first experience of Prestige Car Service, I'll be posting my own positive comments but here's a 5 year puzzle that Graham at Prestige solved in a flash. Five or so years ago Mercedes Solihull replaced the rear springs on my vehicle (a C220 CDi Sports Coupe with the Evolution...
  9. IMD

    R129 SL500 Cam oiler tube ticking solved

    Hi all, My 1997 SL500 has been ticking for the past few thousand miles, evidence of the plastic Cam Oiler tubes possibly having failed and 'popped' their ends off. I was experiencing the usual symptoms....ticking engine, oil pressure at 3 bar when under acceleration, but often down to 1...
  10. Hawkwind

    Heater Problem

    I have a W208 convertible with the basic heating/aircon (i.e. not the climate control). The problem is that the passenger side air temperature is always at maximum, even when the dial is turned all the way down. During the cooler weather I didn't notice this, but now the weather has got warmer...
  11. seandynan

    5-digit postcodes solved by updating maps?

    Hi all I have just bought a 2010 W204 C-Class and its COMAND only understands 5-digit postcodes. Would updating to the latest maps solve this or does it also need a separate firmware update? And if it needs a firmware update, how do I do it? Thanks.
  12. 5

    Solved transmission issue - Too good to be true!

    So here is the story... My 7 speed Mercedes used to have rough shifts (1-2 and 3-2) only when cold. From "cold", I mean when the transmission is cooled down like first start in the morning. I do not mean freezing temperature. I was away for 2 months and my dad drove the car meanwhile. He is...
  13. P

    Problem solved

    My W203 220CDI decided to switch on the Check Engine Light today on way home from dentist. Quickly onto PC and found phone number for Stevensons Mercedes Specialist at Mereworth (01622 815227) and rang him as he is the closest to home. SERVICE !!! Come in asap and will connect to 'Star' for...
  14. DSB SL AMG

    Mini storage problem solved...

    Superb:thumb: Bedford VAM 1967 Bus Coach Italian Job Race Transporter Caravan Motorhome Mini | eBay
  15. J

    C63 CEL Solved

    Evening all, I thought I'd make my first post in many years a positive one. I took delivery of a new C63 at the end of June and within 50 miles the CEL came on. I called Mercedes roadside assistance and given that there were no evident side affects their advice was to book it into a dealer...
  16. B

    c350 cdi steering pulling left - problem solved

    :D Have lived with my c350 cdi for a few months now and am really loving the car. The engine is great and the added pleasure it brings both aurally and in terms of power soon makes me forget about any loss in mpg over a 2l. The ride ( adjustable dampers and 18's) is the perfect combination...
  17. Governa

    Trouble inflating tyres after exchanging rubber valves for metal ones

    Ok so I was having trouble inflating the tyres of my W123 240D. I have recently asked MB to replace the old ugly rubber/plastic valves for some metal ones (part number 1074000013). But a couple of days ago when I went to my local BP petrol station I couldn't for the life of me properly fit...
  18. D

    Glove box rattle - solved

    I thought I would share my experience of finding the source of an annoying rattle in the glove box of my W204 C220 in case anyone else has the same issue. The dealer simply 'adjusted' the door using the two little rubber stoppers that are mounted on screws. This made the door close nice and...
  19. S

    boot entry solved

    just to let people know that today when i disconnected battery i closed the boot thinking i could still open it because i have the key,but how wrong was i !!! nothing would work key just kept turning clockwise,anticlock to no avail so i ended up flipping cover from diagnostic point connecting...
  20. M

    How do I mark my post as Solved

    Hi Guys as above How do I mark my thread / post as solved so as others can see I have solved my problem :bannana: thanks Jon
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