Can’t get snow foam to work

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May 19, 2023
C350 Sport saloon. Previously CLK230K and E260 saloon. 25 years Mercedes ownership.
I’ve never been one to give up on anything, but I’m sorely tempted to give up with snow foam. I can’t get it to work :wallbash:

For several years now I’ve tried a whole host of different snow foams, but with zero success. They ALWAYS slide off the car within seconds of application, so achieve nothing. Mit-applied shampoo stays on better, and is certainly thicker.

I‘ve tried a couple of different lances, the latest being from Pro-Kleen that I’m using with their own snow foam. I’ve tried the full range of settings with no success. I’ve even tried changing to a smaller nozzle, but it made no difference.

Different concentrations of product, right up to 50/50, don’t achieve a nice thick foam that stays on the car. I’ve even tried different water temperatures.

The only constants throughout have been the mains water and my Karcher K7 pressure washer. I’ve even tried the Karcher at standard and Eco settings.

What can I do to achieve the results others seem to get? I don’t want to hear “I’ve always used xxx without any trouble”. That’s no use to me. There must be something I’m doing wrong - but what?
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Do you mean it's running off straight away or running of after a few minutes?
I think its one of the biggest jokes of the detailing* world. Spraying on foam and then expecting it to magically lift the dirt just aint happening without agitation.....dirt can be really stuck to the paint and no amount of detergent will move that without at least gentle rubbing. I've tried a few.....and it wont remove anything except the lightest dust or dirt and even then only if you have a very good layer of wax or sealant on the wont touch most of the grey traffic film that is so much of what makes a car look dirty. You might say that if it removes 25% of the dirt that 25% less scratchy particles to cause swirls when you wash it properly.........which might be good enough for you......but to me its not worth the time. Gentle washing with two buckets, two mits....lots of flowing clean water......far better result.

Cue flaming and people saying its amazing.......I can take it.........but IMO (and it is just that, my opinion).....its a bit of a ripoff.:)

*"Detailing"!!!?......NO!..... we don't live in America........its "cleaning the car"!!!

......and relax!
It will once the sun sets.
Do you mean it's running off straight away or running of after a few minutes?
It’s running off before I’ve covered a couple of panels!
Possibly the lance/mixer. When I got my pressure washer I had one type, amd suffered the same problem, no matter how I changed things.

Moved to a better(?) lance, and thick suds that hang around for ages.

I've got the Autobrite one; only improvement it could have is a wide base, because it's not very stable when put down.
MJJC foam cannon pro comes out top or near top in most recent reviews

Get the right lance and the right foam and it’ll work… the bilt hamber stuff that I use doesn’t foam like thick shaving cream like some YouTube videos, but it does clean better than just water alone. So I’m fine with it.

Sometimes I just use it in a IK little hand spray foamed thing when I can’t be ****d with the key wash (just rinse with the hose)
Ive noticed what some people seem to overlook is cleaning the gun out regular. Just put some clean warm water in the bottle and run it through. They tend to gum up over time which causes them to under perform.
Best and thickest foaming stuff I’ve used is fairy liquid.
A good slug of the stuff diluted down and bobs your mothers brother.
Has the car got a water repelling coat of something on it ?
If so have you tried the snow foam on another car ?
Try using car shampoos in the foam gun instead .
Yes - ceramic coating. But it was like that before I had it done. However, I’ve always kept the car well waxed.

I‘ve wondered about trying car shampoo instead, because it stays on better when I’m doing a normal wash.
I hope he was joking about fairy id never go anywhere near my vehicles with that stuff
Try the Meguiars Ultimate snow foam. It sticks like shit to a shovel.

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