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Jul 25, 2008
Melbourne, Australia
C200 W202
Hi Guys,

My car ariel does not go all the way down,
i can hear the motor working for the correct
amount of time, but the ariel does not go down all the way?

It does not go up either.... But the motor runs when i turn
the radio on or the car on and off...

Someone needs to tell the motor that the ariel is not moving??

Any idea's?

Also how do i can to the ariel to check it out?
any HOWTO guides?




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Possibly stripped teeth on the mechanism.

Just buy a new aerial , they are cheap.
Yes, VERY common problem you will need a replacement mast but be sure to by a genuine Hirschmann one with H 11 on the tip (correct one for the W202). Its around £20 here in the UK from the dealers.

Very easy to replace too with the help of this guide:
20 ponds is 45 bucks!

i tried to undo the bolt at the base of the mast,
it just sheered off and broke, so now it's broke.

:( fantastic
Sorry to bust the bubble, but a H11 mast from a dealer has gone up to £50... I ended up buying one off eBay for £20ish...
if its getting stuck it probably just wanted some 3 in 1 oil... but now its broke you will need a new one.

You can buy a "hengst" one from Euro or GSF for around £30-40.

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