1. M

    W115 car Ariel placement

    Maybe im being stupid but ever since I've had my w115 (restoring it ) I can't see where the Ariel goes for the radio ! It's been on the drivers floor for ages and I don't have a clue where to mount it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated ! I'm learning as I go :) I also have a small...
  2. Palfrem

    How much for a new ariel for my Jap G?

    Just been into Mercedes to get a replacement radio ariel. Part number MA 463 820 12 75 Antenna comes in at a cool £356.85 plus vat and a rake of assorted fitting bits and pieces adds a further £40 plus vat. I mean, that's just crazy! I didn't buy it by the way.
  3. edtzxr

    Replacement Ariel

    Hi all, The rear Ariel on my clk 208 convertible is looking worse for wear and has split. does anyone have any recommendations for a replacement genuine ones are £50 and I'd rather not spend that much. Ed
  4. W

    Am Ariel

    Hi All My Reception on Am Fm is very bad on an it is non existend my mb is a 2005 e320 cdi estate so where is the am fm ariel located? any Help pse Thanks Wolf
  5. N

    Poor Ariel reception after Head Unit Upgrade

    I guys. I have just installed a Pioneer AppRadio3 HU into my a180. It replaces an Audio20 unit. Everything works great apart from the radio. I can only seem to pickup a few stations. I have the correct ariel adaptor and I plugged it into the double white connector (only one connector has a wire)...
  6. M

    CLS Roof Ariel and Newbie

    Hello all:thumb:, I will be taking delivery of a June 06 CLS tomorrow. Have been looking at pictures of it for the last few hours:bannana:, getting a little dizzy now :) While looking at the pics, I noticed that the roof ariel is actually on the top of the rear window and black in colour...

    Sl r129 hirshman ariel

    I removed my electric ariel today to try and fix but the pcb burnt and motor siezed,i purchased a beru " replacement" to find that totally different,i have been in touch with main dealer and they inform me that there were 2 types fitted to this vehicle a hirshman [ which this is ] and an after...
  8. EDZ649

    124 Hirschman Electric Ariel

    Does anyone know if there is an in-line fuse located behind the dash/radio for the electric ariel? Mine has stopped working as it needed to be lubricated and now I think a fuse may have blown somewhere because it got stuck. All other electrical circuits are working fine. Cheers, Leigh.
  9. Crazyjester900

    Car Ariel

    Hi Guys, My car ariel does not go all the way down, i can hear the motor working for the correct amount of time, but the ariel does not go down all the way? It does not go up either.... But the motor runs when i turn the radio on or the car on and off... Someone needs to tell the...
  10. Inkyskin

    Radio Ariel + Fuel Gauge

    Hi all, Among the other little problems I have with my new motor, the two most annoying are: The fuel guage isn't set right - when it's empty it sits at half a tank, and then if I have a half tank, it shows full, anyone know what might be wrong there? (When the ignition is off the needle does...
  11. L

    Ariel signal booster

    Hi all Can anyone recommend an aeriel signal booster that works. Since getting a DVD recorder my 1-5 channels have not been great, the colour pulses slightly. Think this is due to poor signal as I only use a loft aeriel but any other suggestions welcome.
  12. McGreggor

    GPS+DAB Ariel?

    I'll be needing an ariel for my DAB radio, and a GPS ariel wouldn't hurt either. I'm just wondering if there is a single antenna that would kill two birds with one stone? Would also be handy to have a GRPS antenna for a mobile phone in it too... I know im asking too much! :rolleyes:
  13. Ian B Walker

    Electric Ariel

    Yep, another electrical problem. Fitting a new ariel today and can get the damn thing to go up, but cant get it to come down. The unit has a green and a red wire coming out of it plus an earth. The car has (on the coax) a black wire comming from it. I have connected the red and green to a live...
  14. N

    Broken ariel lead in car (help?)

    OK, changing my head unit over seemed so simple until as I pulled the ariel lead from the old unit the top silver piece broke off from the lead itself :eek: now all I am left with is a crimped on piece of metal around the outer black rubber and approx quarter inch of plastic showing with one...
  15. Satch

    Linky to Ariel Motor Co (Atom!) I feel an unwise purchase coming on.
  16. I

    190E ariel swop problem

    Hi I need to replace the ariel on my 190E which is mounted on the rear wing with access through the boot on the left hand side. The problem is, inside of the boot (on the left hand side) there is a great big piece of plastic trim in the way and I am not sure how to remove it, to get to the...
  17. KillerHERTZ

    Removing the electric ariel from a w202

    How do you do this? Ive notice small traces of rust forming around it, do I do this from the outside or inside?
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