Carly For Mercedes. OBD Scanning/Diagnostic/Reporting Device & App (Alternative to iCarSoft)

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Pretty crap way to run a business. Hopefully people will see your post and ultimately it will cost them more in the long run that doing the right thing would have done.
Will Carly reset the dreaded 500 miles until inoperative countdown (which is about to run out) back to 500 miles on an Adblue fault?

No. It can't be reset. To my knowledge, not even MB dealers can reset it. The underlying AdBlue fault must be rectified for the message to disappear.

Some independent specialists with STAR will 'delete' the AdBlue system from the car's computer altogether, which is one way around this issue. However, this modification renders the car illegal and raised a question mark regarding the insurance policy (unless you declare the modification to your insurer). Still, not everyone cares...
Hi Guys, this is my review of the Carly OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) Bluetooth Code reader & phone app. I cover all the features and abilities which this device allows you to do, including fault code reading/clearing, car history & service check with reporting and much more.

Can do all which iCarSoft can do and alot more including full car history, emision checks, and PDF reports

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Carly has a free lite version of the app to go with their OBD2 adapter. That gives you access to the standard OBD features and is a good way to test what Carly can do for your car. To unlock advanced features that might be available for your car model, such as the used car check, you can upgrade to the yearly licence
Hi killerHertz, I popped into a indie to have my AC regassed, and i noticed he was using a " Launch" code reader, have you come across this code reader ??
Launch make a range of professional multi-car tools that can read and reset many marques. It is very popular among garages who do not specialise in one or two brands only, because it would be very difficult for a small garage to buy and maintain the original propriety tool from each manufacturer.

It is not as good as STAR, obviously. Also, most professional Launch models are out of the price range of the typical DIY enthusiast.

You'd be better of with an iCarsoft or Carly (I have both), and if you have more than one type of car then both do multi-car versions of their product, though you'll need to check that all of your car brands are covered.
Quick question does the carly device record vehicle trips, times or mileage etc.

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