iCarSoft OBD Fault Reader/Clearing Device Review + ***Forum Discount Code***

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Also any code readers out there that can give current adblue level as my w205 doesn't show adblue level in service menu! I know star will show the level but hoping for a normal code reader to be compatible..
My 2017 e350 only showed ad blue full or ad blue ,not full , it was in the hidden service menu.
None of the manufacturers provide this data openly, well not for free anyway. They will sell this data, but low end tool providers don't purchase it.
Most of this data comes from companies that reverse engineer the manufacturer tools and sell the data on. The likes of icarsoft are at the bottom of the chain. They aren't going to be paying top dollar for that data if there's little demand for it.
Bit annoying when a 2017 e350 let's you into everything, yet a 2018/2019 GLC 350 won't .
Tried again today , put car details in as a ml350 and CLS 350 , I got the option of data read , which displays some pressures and various readings . Still shyte though . Poor show from icarsoft .

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