Cheap kitchen refurb.

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stephen coy

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Nov 21, 2005
clk 230
I'd decided my kitchen was ready for an update. The kitchen layout and condition of cabinets was fine, leaving only doors/handles, worktops, sink/drainer and cooker to change.

Looking closer at the doors, I decided there was nothing wrong with them either, except the finish (solid wood/mid oak).

I'm now halfway through repainting all the woodwork white. When I say repainting, I'm actually paint spraying, as the first/brush painted door in cabinet paint white just wa'snt up to the finish I wanted.

I'm using 500ml cans acrylic primer, satin top coat and for the door backs white gloss spray cans from the pound shop; yes, pound a can.

The doors are removed and sprayed seperately, while masking off/covering,in the kitchen, the edges, cornice and fixed panels.

The kitchen stinks of thinners for half a day, but the results so far are good,the finish smooth and durable. Together with new handles looks like a good result:)

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