CLK W209 indicator / wiper stalk replacement - reinstalling issues.

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Mar 26, 2024
Kenilworth, UK
CLK 320 CDI 2009 + C350 CDI 2010
Hi all,

A problem developed with my wipers whereby they'd sweep once whenever the ignition was turned on, regardless of the stalk position. A process of elimination followed, and I found the wiper stalk at fault.
It's quite a fiddly process, although there are a few useful YouTube guides available.

I hit a complete stumbling block when putting it all back together though - I can't find away to fully secure the cowling assembly. So when the indicator stalk is pushed up or down, it goes beyond the range it should, because cowling moves slightly with it. The problem seems to be the at the top of the column, the flange that the cowling bolts onto rotates maybe 20 degrees in either direction around the centreline. It doesn't feel damaged at all, and you can feel a slight "click" at the centre point. The sliding plastic surround that allows the column to move up and down is too wobbly to make up for this too.
I tried, in vain, bolting the wheel on in the hope that it would somehow bind everything tight, but no difference.

Does anyone know what I'm missing here, it was fine before I stripped it down, no missing fixings, can't see anything broken! I noticed on a video that the column on earlier models looks different at the top, there seems to be another fixing location.

Initial tips for this repair:
- Disconnect battery beforehand...
- Have a gun ready to remove the 10mm hex steering wheel bolt
- My CLK (2009) needed a 6 pin connector stalk, which wasn't actually listed for it - seems that most W209s have a 5 pin connector.



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Had similar problem with stalk on CLK, had to replace with new unit.
I believe it's a common problem.
Oh welcome.
Hi there,

Thanks your reply. Are you saying you had problems with your first replacement unit?
My replacement stalk bolted up to the cowling just fine, on the surface it's a perfect match to the old one
No, it was the original unit

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