CLS 55 AMG vs R35 GTR



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May 1, 2020
W219 CLS 55 AMG
There is a noticable difference with the 3 models:

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The 1st was [CBA] Pearl white (2009), black edition (non nav - which wasn't available on the early cars).
Nissan allowed all new owners a track day experience at Silverstone (food and crash helmet provided, of which I still have (helmet not food).
The car was the 'new kid on the block' and like nothing anyone had ever seen (TV and media aside). It had everyones attention and is probably on several old nokia/motorola picture feeds in the back of a drawer.
Not wanting to tarnish the dealer but...they messed up with pre paint when removing a 'black mark' on collection day. Ruined the whole experience as it was returned several times for correction.
It was a hooligan and, the moment you went above 40mph it drew you in like a moth to a flame ("Don't look at the light....I can't help it it's so beautiful...Bzzzt!")
A real licence loser. Sold it and returned to an E92 M3 (great cars)

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The 2nd [DBA} in Daytona Blue (2011). I bought this as I was best man 3 times in 2011 (for my sins) and we wanted something a bit 'special' for Grooms transport
This was just an amazing car. Different seats to the '09, more power, sat nav and I had the Y pipe fitted.
It stayed much longer than the 1st one and, I was sad to see it leave (px/ for a 911 so, that cushioned the blow a little)

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The 3rd (and latest) is the MY17 (EBA).
Interior has been updated to a much more upmarket feel. The Info screen no longer looks like an afterthought (akin to the later A & C class Mercs IHMO), the seats very similar to the 2011 model (both Recaro), the cosmetic mods to the front and rear bumpers and also the wheels make it look that bit sharper.
It is a big ol' bus and, when sitting next to newer cars does look dated.
It is a nice place to be although, as previously mentioned, is cramped and interior space is at a premium.

It has a boot
Is comfortable
Has some nice toys
Can be used as a daily if required
It stands out over most other cars on the road (if you like that)
It does gain respect on the road (previous cars - 911's, R8 etc don't)
It's 'a bit nippy'

Nearest Specialist is at least 2 hours from me (I use Litchfield which is over 200 so, 450 mile round trip each year just on servicing)
Rear seats are for show
It stands out over most other cars on the road (I'm not a fan so much nowadays)
It's 'a bit nippy' (you can scare most people and also the driver when 'making progress')

Prices have rocketed recently so, 12 months ago, less than £55k would have bought you a MY17, you'll be lucky to find one less than £65k (with low miles)
The DBA car is great in the right colour
The EBA is well worth the extra, if you can justify it.
Or do you get a well cared for, 997 turbo for similar?

Hope this helps...
(Oh...and don't sell the AMG for one - you'll miss the space, noise and general practicality)
Hi Mate!

It definitely did! After test driving a fair few I ended up buying a grey DBA r35 GTR, bought it mainly because I actually enjoyed the more raw feel over the EBA (and lower cost 😅) and didnt want the gearbox issues and maintenance schedule of the CBA. Its been an amazing 4 weeks since!

As you mentioned they are two completely different beasts, with the CLS 55 feeling like a special every day missile for the streets (and drift machine for Mexico) whilst I usually take the GTR out on weekends for “exciting” drives.

Repeating what was said before, but with more drive time under my best, the GTR is by far the better handler and quickest out of the two whilst the CLS is still super fast but also a lot more comfortable and practical - exactly what it was designed to do!

Interestingly my research on the GTR puts its maintenance costs in more or less the same magnitude as that for the CLS at a reputable specialists. Time will tell on that front and is highly dependent on if I decide to swap one out for something more mpg friendly 😂😅

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