Comand Unit W220 Siemens

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Sep 21, 2009
I am really struggling to find a replacement Comand Unit for my 2004 S Class. Seem to be able to locate Bosch models with no difficulty ~ but the Siemens version seems as rare as hens' teeth. Have done the "usual" ~ ebay searches + breaker yards for the last couple of months. I guess that I could buy the new unit from Merc main dealer ~ but the price of £4.5K is probably more than the car is worth!!!
I have had my faulty unit checked over by a specialist repair centre + my main merc dealer ~ neither are able to advise me as to what the fault is. On power up ~ blank screen save for a slight flicker line ~ indicates power getting into the unit.
I have had an indication that "tradesolution07" on Ebay ~ supplier in Hong Kong ~ has replacement units that will "do the job". Has anybody ever purchased a unit from them? They seem to have a good feedback rating.
Has anybody any other ideas as to a replacement unit?
Search ebay / google for 'comand repair' there are companies that can repair them. Contact one of them.

Search european ebay sites like ebay germany as well as the units are the same.

Finally managed to find a Siemens Comand Unit...supplied by Richard Bennett of Car Audio Technics
[email protected]
01277 229666
Richard took my faulty unit in part exchange and supplied a replacement for 10% of the price quoted by my Mercedes Dealer. Have just fitted replacement unit ~ perfect.
Highly recommended for anybody else seeking a Comand Unit.

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