Creating a 'new car' smell

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Gliptone. You can't beat the smell of leather for a quality effect (though obviously, not if the interior isn't leather...).
No idea if it's any good.🤷‍♂️

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Nothing will replicate the new car smell
However, I use california scents coronado cherry which usually lasts about 3 months +
Watched Dirty old cars on the stupid box getting more intelligent. 🤣
For you who don't know what this show is about?
It's a bit like Wheeler Dealers combined with detailing cars.

One guy owned an old 73 Dodge Charger sitting in a pigsty for more than 40 years.
This car was covered in filth and mold and heavy stinking odor from cigarette smell from the 70's.
There were plenty of cigarette butts left inside the car marinating it!
So this guy went to a detailing shop Unique Classic Cars and sold it to them.
Shop detailed this Charger inside/out looking minty.

To remove the lingering stink inside this car they did a lot of deep cleaning.
Still they couldn't remove the stinking smell from disgusting cigarettes inside the car.
The owner of the shop bought some fresh citrus and peeled the fruits.
He then put the citrus peels inside the car for some time to absorb the stink from cigarettes.
This show has som rapid cuts, then some time after the detailer smelled the cabin, it had fresh fragrance from the citrus peels.

For those who are allergic to chemical stuff getting headaches, using citrus peel is more of a safe bet to get a natural fragrance inside a vehicle.
My question is, does citrus peel really work, put them on the floor in every corner for 24HRS and let them do the job absorbing any funky stink?
I would recommend a very good deep clean, steam clean, etc. then use a Blit Hamber bomb... I have done this every year and (until we got a dog) it was keeping it very fresh!
An ozone machine makes a car smell really fresh inside, it also kills all the odour creating bacteria in the car
An ozone machine makes a car smell really fresh inside, it also kills all the odour creating bacteria in the car

I red an article on MSN the other day about removing funky smell.
This is what it said.
Place a TP-roll inside a fridge, article mentioned toilet roll paper will absorb moist and strange smells from different foods like garlic and food gone foul.
This will do wonders they mention, although I haven't tried this trick yet.

In that case, placing a paper roll in the cabin should work in a car would you think?
Old cars will eventually get som strange smells, trying different witchbrew remedies will not always work.
Haven't tried it myself, but this one gets good reviews:.

Has anyone actually used something like this? I found it online too and it has good reviews, but, is it actually working to give that new-car smell?

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