dodgy SL60???? make your minds up

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May 12, 2005
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mmmmm,,lets look at the evidance

1. seller has neg feedback
2. would he call a panorama roof a "glass roof" if he knew anything about mercs?
3. buy it now price same as the start price (does he want to off load it quick?)
4. very brief description for such an unusual car
5. am i being cynical or do you lot smell a rat aswell? :rolleyes:
6. hes bid on all these in the last few weeks
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so he must be somesort of trader :confused:
There is a similar but better car for sale on autotrader for £21K. P reg, 65K miles, designo 2 tone leather with contrast stitching. I saw it last week at the same place I bought my "new" one.
This one is overpriced at that mileage.
Very poor advert - i would walk away and it is a pre face lift car too - wel over priced... Would not surprise me "IF" been clocked.
It's post facelift but dodgy all the same.
Ebay looks like becoming the place where traders come and dump their dogs now rather than waste time taking them to auction houses.
What an excellent source of information this forum is. When did the 'face-lift' models first appear?

The person selling this car certainly has a reputation :eek: The two items he has sold without problems are suspicous at best. Both bought by the same person with just the one bid, what would the reputation be without those two recommendations.

My advice would be to steer well clear.

Then again in 1999 - though you can buy '95 / '98 cars with the face-lift and '96 / '99 cars without, due to parts overlap.
janner said:

Hi janner,
That is exactly what I remembered when I picked your brains a couple of weeks ago.

The SL on Ebay is listed as being registered December 1996 and yet folks here refer to it as a pre-facelift model.

Am I missing something or is this the seller mistaken?

Thanks for the info,
This is a post-facelift car. It has digital climate control and new style seats and door cards, as well as the "SLK style" steering wheel.
Flash was mistaken when he referred to it as pre-facelift.
does anyone have a picture of the pre and post facelift exterior and interiors?
I was jsut about to post, look at his previous items.
He even got a negetive feedback for not sending one out!
Satch said:
You would buy an SL60 from a man who trys to sell a vibrating condom and then does not deliver it?

What is the world coming to.

:D I never looked at WHAT he was selling :D :D

You know what they say about male Homo sapien that drive large sports cars :D Ouch, ouch

Definitely the right person to buy this type of car, but check the glove box before taking the car home.

aka$h said:
I was jsut about to post, look at his previous items.
He even got a negetive feedback for not sending one out!

Yes I was most annoyed when it didn't turn up at my door on time - He deserved the negative :eek:

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