E350 CDI OM642 slight temp fluctuation very cold weather

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Think I need to do this on a 265bhp car. Did you end up buying a full thermostat from MB or did you get the spring and seal?

I’m guessing just the spring as the full stat comes with the seal, no?
When I had the oil cooler seals replaced around 12 months ago, I bought a very low mileage set of intake manifolds from a breakers on eBay to swap out (plus swirl flap motor) by the independent specialist who did the oil cooler seals. These came with a thermostat still bolted to them. And a swirl flap motor 👍 🤪

I used that 30k (ish) miles thermostat the other weekend, but hence I needed a new gasket (£22).

However, now having the spare housing, when I next put in an Autodoc order I will splash £20 on the innards and £5 on a new gasket or two.

I'd also suggest some very careful cleaning of the heating element/probe in the thermostat with scotchbrite or similar to ensure it doesn't foul the new spring/innards.
Ah okay thanks. I guess it will just be easier to buy a whole new one. As the car is not ulez and will have to be sold soon, I was trying to save a few ££, as it needs a PCV too.

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