EGR system removal.

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The main benefit of removing the EGR is that you are not recycling dirty exhaust gases back through the inlet manifold and cylinders this is what causes the build up of the black gunk that restricts the air flow

Correct. You're chucking them out the back for everyone else to breathe.

The volatility of the oil contributes to carbon build up. Buy your oil on price and this is what you get.
Correct. You're chucking them out the back for everyone else to breathe.


If gunk build up reduces inlet diameter thus inlet airflow then the engine becomes less efficient and will emit more pollution anyway.

Which exhaust emissions are you most concerned with ?
It affect NOX levels....which is pretty nasty stuff TBH.
Erm.....any one who breaths air!......especially where there are lots of cars!
Does it matter? far as cars go I thing that willfully increasing the NOX output of your car (and at the same time making it illegal to drive on the road (£1000 fine....£2000 if its a commercial vehicle)and probably uninsured is not really justifiable. Especially as there are no real gains in MPG or performance. Mine still works just fine at about 174,000 miles.
Cars produce NOX....end off.......if you think that deliberately making your car produce more for no real gain is acceptable hem there is no point arguing with you as you live by different standards to me. I'm not sure what you are getting at....but if you are saying that there is a bigger more dangerous source of NOX than cars....well that may be the case..but that's still no excuse for making our cars pollute more. NOX is not nice stuff....which is why we have ULEZ etc in the first place. Also its being proposed that MOTs check for NOX I doubt that EGR, ADblue etc deletes will slip through the net for much longer.....good.
This is all so simple to explain, Pay £12.50 a day and the nox dosen't affect anything except khans coffers and your pocket.
Global warming, i'm freezing my butt off here and its peeing of rain all the time.
Don't be lead by the nose, its all about money as usual :wallbash:
No results of emissions since ulez till after the election, i wonder why.
I understand that.....but it still does not make modifying your car to produce MORE pollution either ethically or legally acceptable.
Me ignore , never....


It's quite some time off and just an idea at the moment where as Particulate Number testing is already up and running in other countries and will be here soon .
NOX testing equipment is available right now too. So they could do it if they wanted too. But why risk it. Gains are tiny....even when my car was heavily remapped on a custom map my tuner felt no need to remove or disable any of the emissions stuff. I'm back stock now though.

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