Faulty controls

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Anthony M

New Member
Sep 13, 2016
Viano 3.5 v6 Petrol
Hi All.
I'm a newbie here and wondered if anyone can help???/
I have a 2008 Viano ambient petrol V6 , I keep getting loads of electrical problems. now the newest one!
I have lost all control on the main panel on the dash, the one that has the hazard lights, door openers, ASR and heated seats. nothing works, but all other panels do. I have checked all fuses but don't have fuse location manual, so cant check anything else. any ideas would be greatly appreciated?


Needs to be seen by a specialist, post your area and some (more helpful) members will be happy to recommend reputable mercedes independent places

The main thing is to get it hooked up to STAR, which is the Mercedes system
Could be battery, had similar problems with my CLK. New battery now OK.

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