1. S

    A noob e280 question (internal fan controls)

    Could any one explain to me the internal fan directional controls, I cant work them out, all cars I've had have had pictures of the driver then air flow to face, legs or face and legs, this has air flow all around the body even from behind, well I presume the button with the driver icon and the...
  2. G

    R230 audio upgrade and steering wheel controls

    Hi everyone I'm scratching my head a bit whilst installing a Pioneer Appradio (so I can use Apple Carplay) in a 2003 SL500. The original radio is (I think) an Audio 30. There looks to be D2B fibre optic in there but the radio had two standard ISO connectors so after wiring up the...
  3. G

    W169 Steering Wheel Airbag & Miltifunction Controls

    I have a couple of question, I can't find an answer to: 1. Is the the airbag key for W169 a T30? Part A1265890010 I'm too tight to pay over £15 to MB to get a torx screw bit :crazy: Also, it looks about 80mm in length? Will 100mm one be OK, or is it too long - I have no aft/fore...
  4. B

    w209 aftermarket headunit and steering controls

    I've recently swapped out the command 2 systems with a pioneer car play unit. I've managed to get most of the wiring sorted from previous threads on here but the only outstanding item is the steering wheels controls. I've used the connects 2 adaptor CTSMC006.2 I'm assuming to get them working I...
  5. L

    Heating Controls Issue

    Hi Just wondering if I could pick your brains. The missus had been complaining that sometimes she's cold when driving our 2003 ML270 W163. Not sure if standard but Ive got the LED lit up heating controls. I didnt think anything of it as Id always been warm. Today I was driving and for the first...
  6. S

    W202 c clasa oem cassette radio with changer controls.

    Genuine w202 c class cassette radio from a 1997 C250td elegance. All working order and complete with 2 radio key cards and owners manual. Open to offers. Collection from Portsmouth or can be posted at cost to buyer.
  7. S

    Interior lights on light switch and vent controls

    Have bought a c204 c63 recently and only started driving it in the dark.. noticed i couldnt tell if the lights were in auto or dipped as the little icons weren't backlit.. the actual knob u turn is lit and the fog light button but not the position indicators should they be? Then i wondered if...
  8. F

    wanted service instruction hand book

    For my 2002 Ambiente V220 CDI automatic 01271 858354 we are North Devon EX37 9ED
  9. A

    Faulty controls

    Hi All. I'm a newbie here and wondered if anyone can help???/ I have a 2008 Viano ambient petrol V6 , I keep getting loads of electrical problems. now the newest one! I have lost all control on the main panel on the dash, the one that has the hazard lights, door openers, ASR and heated...
  10. Y

    Retrofit: W210 Steering Wheel Controls

    Hi, I have a 1998 W210 E-Class and I am trying to have the steering wheel controls feature retrofitted in my car. I had the steering wheel with control buttons & instrument cluster replaced to the newer version for W210 models. All parts are installed but I am having problems with the CAN...
  11. V

    W210 (2000 yom ) E320 CDI Steering Wheel Controls

    Sorting my new purchase E320 CDI and my next job is trying to get the steering wheel controls to do something ie work the radio/trip computer etc, at the moment they do nothing. The radio works fine and the dash display is clear but the steering wheelbuttons do nothing. I was thinking of...
  12. D

    New A208 owner - Dodgy seat controls?

    Hi folks I am a recent purchaser of a lovely 2000 CLK convertible, and have a bit of a problem with my electric seats. My switch (on the door) to adjust the driver's seat doesn't want to move it in a couple of directions (backrest up, base forwards). The motors are working fine, as the Memory...
  13. A

    Steering wheel controls

    Steering wheel controls (w208) Can anyone tell me the wiring for the canbus connector (specifically steering wheel controls) on a 2000 w208? My new head unit has canbus + and - connections, but can't work out which ones these are (original head unit was a becker audioline10)
  14. carat 3.6

    W202, W210, W208, R170 Climate/air con controls

    Removed from a late w210, in good working order. Part number 210 830 31 85. £30, located in Buckinghamshire.
  15. C

    Climate controls w210

    Does anyone know if the heater/climate controls are interchangeable? As in the dial style ones interchangeable for the digital unit. Or would that involve changing the loom also? :confused:
  16. H

    w202 lcd heater controls

    hi. does anyone have a w202 lcd heater switch pack they are willing to part with?
  17. rom1

    electric seat controls

    've got electric seats (front) the controls are on the outer sides of the seats. I've seen some models with controls on the door panels. Is this model specific or are the wires there and switch panel can be replaced for the empty section on door card?
  18. Bereavement

    comand dashboard controls not working

    Hello all, I have a 2007 R320CDI and strangely the dashboard controls of the comand unit have just stopped working!??! Yesterday they seemed fine and I changed the disc via the buttons on the dash and now NON of them work! The steering wheel controls still work for the volume and changing the...
  19. C

    W210 Comand display on dash + Steering wheel controls

    Hi Just bought Comand to replace my old one in my W210 estate. When connected to the car whilst on my knee prior to screwing in place, I had to press rear connector block (one with over handle locking mechanism) to get a reading on dash display and for steering wheel controls to work...
  20. guydewdney

    w211 hand controls for disabled driver help reqd

    Does anyone with a 211 have hand controls, eg for disabled driving etc? Normally I can easily fit these controls, but im struggling with my 211 as theres vent pipes right in the way of where the controls normally clamp. so has anyone got a photo of such a control? Thanks
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