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  1. benny10

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    Nov 27, 2016
    ML270 CDI
    Hi All,
    I have a ml270 cdi 2002 failed mot on hand brake, they told me it needed new rear pads and shoes, plus rear left & right cables, had all that work done but the hand brake still not holding foot pedal goes down to the floor its adjusted to max but still does not hold prior to replacing pads(worn to metal) and shoes (also down to nothing) the brake funny enough did hold, but just not enough for mot, cables are correct length, as shop says only one set fits my merc right 1927mm and left 2025mm
    please Help
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    Sep 16, 2004
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    2003 320 CDI Avantgarde, 1997 312d Sprinter
    Welcome to the forum. Where did you get your brakes repaired? as I cannot see a proper garage sending out a vehicle with a defective hand brake, thats terrible.!
    Are you aware that the wee shoes operate inside the rear discs and operate on a ratchet wheel system, adjusted through a hole in the brake disc. The system is pretty basic, but adjusted correctly does work.
    The normal reason for the shoes not biting is that the they have been adjusted while the cables are still tensioning the brake shoes.
    Proper way is to disconnect the cable, adjust the ratchet wheel with a screwdriver through the hole in the brake drum until the wheel locks an then back it off a smidgen so the wheel rotates and then do the other side in a likewise manner. Only then connect the cables and adjust them as necessary, greasing all the pivot points. The hand brake will then work providing of course there is no major wear to any other parts, such as the pivot pins where the cables attach. I would assume that any garage worth its salt would have identified any worn components and replaced them as necessary. Because the cable do little work they generally do not stretch very much, only seize up from lack of use.
    Hope you get this sorted soon.

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