Help, A170 cdi (W168) noisy

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Mar 23, 2012
'01 A170CDi elegance, LWB: '87 2.3-16v cosworth: BMW E30 1987: Eagle SS: Opel 1.4 Sport & no money!
I am not a diesel man, but ask me a question on a 1964 Lambretta or VW beetle I am your man but diesel , no.
Apart from the fact Rudolf Diesel disappeared off a ship on 29 September 1913,

Bring you up to speed.
Having had the gearbox repaired/rebuilt twice by a company in Estepona and both times a f**k up I decided to do it myself with the aid of a new 2.5T engine hoist, 2 x 2ton trolley jacks and 4 axle stands and a new set of Torx sockets.

I found that the company, who charged me 1700€ to fit a new K1 clutch, had screwed up and after 13 months the lack of a thrust washer on the input shaft meant it had to be repaired again, it cost me 800# to have the gearbox removed and replaced by a mechanic as the 'company' refused to repair and insinuated "I had been playing with it", really?
After finding the washer was missing and had damaged the case they fixed it. 3 years later the K1 clutch had split, again. I fitted a new MkII K1. quite easy once the box is out and split, bitch to part and get back together though.

I also changed the TCU as I had lost lock out and couldn't start the car and had to bypass it with a relay. (and folks, on the W168 auto they are 'plug & play', no coding to VIN etc. needed). Bought all from Alibaba for 860€ plus 69€ import tax etc. saving about 1K on MB prices plus a minimum of 900€ labour.

Eventually I got it all back together with new drive shaft seals, steering end, boots etc. I even checked the timing chain tensioner and slippers etc. and all good, like new actually, so the kit went back to Auto Doc. , all new filters, and genuine MB oil and fluid, new fuel line from filter to pump too and it drove great, for about a mile, all the old faults gone, flaring 1 to 2, banging into gear, all gone. Bar the lack of gear positions on the speedo.
(and before someone says it's the TCU chip burnt out, it's all new!)

BUT, (there is always a but)


Image what a bad big end would sound like but it's not that. it is not consistent and too high,
It has come on since road test and sometimes is hardly there, maybe on one cylinder but then others chime in and clatter. It is definitely detonation based but I am not sure what..

What if I drain and fill the filter with diesel injector cleaner and put that through the pump and injectors?

No P,R,N,D. and F
The display problem is a mystery, a well known specialist said it is ALWAYS the gearbox control unit, TCU but I swapped that when I fitted the new K1 clutch. Checked connection in back of speedo, all good. checked PCB on gear shift and double soldered all the main points, Tiptronic works fine too..

Please, pleease help, totally at the point where I am desperate enough to cut my way into the injectors that are SOLID in the head, (I do have a slide hammer type injector removal tool but that will not even loosen them).
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