How do you get your catalyst engraved with a security code?

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Hmmm....I've got a Celica GT4 Cat laying in my mums garage taking up space....! Where would I get that up to £100 buck-a-roo's for it?:p

Scrap metal dealer.

Yellow pages? Or ask your local scrap yard :)

Would my W202 non-OEM cat be worth anything for scrap when it is replaced (hopefully soon)?
seems like BMW`s are a big target, if you own a BMW

- Buy 2 sets of aftermarket locking nuts
- put a couple of spot welds on the bumper bolts, as they are accessable from the outside they go missing all the time in london, especially m-tec ones (stupid design)
- if you have m-tec side strips, then etch your reg on the back of it ( i had dont this on my old M3 and they got nicked from outside my old house, found the culprit round the corner on a busy high street having a kebab and called the cops, but they refused to let me show them the etch on the rear so the guys got away with it, i should have just yanked them back off!) or you can bond them on!
- M3 mirrors - take them off and nut and bolt them to the car!

interesting read about the cats tho!

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