1. EDDIE12

    Milltek secondary catalyst bypass

    I know this has been asked before but please humour me:D. I've the C63 booked in this Tuesday too have the Milltek secondary catalyst bypass fitted (anything too look out for when it's being fitted?:dk:)? I've been told I would be better getting a remap done at the same time but am a little...
  2. T

    W204 Catalyst Temperature Sensor

    Hi I'm having the fault code P0428 catalyst temperature sensor high bank 1 sensor 1 I was wondering if this is just a lambda sensor or is it Something completely different??? Does anyone know part number??
  3. Cooky

    P0426 Catalyst Temperature Sensor Range/Performance (Bank 1)

    Hi all. I Hope you guys can help with this. I am getting an intermittent fault starting the car from cold. P0426 Catalyst Temperature Sensor Range/Performance (Bank 1) If I reset it it stays off for a while but ultimately comes back. From what I have read so far it sounds like and oxygen...
  4. DennisTheMenace

    W203 CDI P0426 - Catalyst Temperature Sensor Range/Performance Bank 1

    Just had this code come up, car is running no different, looking at cat temp readings they sit around 80-90-100c and fluctuate up and down within these ranges, when driving it goes to 16.9c! Is the the o2 sensor in the exhaust that gone **** up?
  5. Doodle

    R129 catalyst

    Throwing this one out there, because we've hit a :wallbash: The catalytic converter on the SL has finally disintegrated, and needs replacement. An MB one is £1500 :eek: but we're struggling to turn up something suitable for a more reasonable cost. Tried an off the shelf Jetex unit, which...
  6. E

    W124 320 Catalyst.

    The exhaust catalyst on my 93 W124 320 Cabriolet has failed and needs changing. Merc are asking c£1k which is a little excessive I feel. I have found a few "suitable" replacements but haven't a clue about quality of choices or names to look out for re OEM parts. Can anyone give me a steer re...
  7. G

    W202 - C200 Catalyst

    My cat is making an awful rasping rattly noise and needs replacement. Took it to my indy last week who confirmed it needs a new cat. Trouble is he's very busy and tends to be very slow at obtaining parts, although to be fair he always tries to save me money. I don't want to hassle him again so...
  8. M

    SLK230 Exhaust and catalyst.

    Hi, Does any one have a complete OEM exhaust and or catalyst for an early (2001) face lift SLK230 6sp Manual. Thanks Mark
  9. T

    CL500 Catalyst Converters

    Both of my Catalyst Converters is broken inside. This is expected as the car is 10 years old. I took it to my local indi and I got a quote of £1700 for genuine MB parts and £1400 for after market parts. I found loads online total £400 for both. I do know that the quality will not be as good...
  10. Moth

    W124 Catalyst Replacement

    So, after scraping through the MOT last month on emissions with the after-market cat the main suspect, 1000 miles of Summer motorway miles have finally caused the dreaded cat death rattle. On inspection it was obvious that the cat was dead, the expensive bits rattling around inside. It had only...
  11. J

    How do you get your catalyst engraved with a security code?

    Where can I get this done?:dk: Car part thefts lead to police warning - East Anglian Daily Times
  12. P

    w220, S class, 320 L, petrol, catalyst rattle, new cats required

    Has anyone had a after market cats fitted to this model, can you tell me if you have felt a difference with performance and noise levels ????
  13. Matt32AMG

    Slk32amg catalyst

    Is starting to disintegrate on the near side pipe according to MB. I had detected a slight resonance when driving yesterday and thought I’d get it checked out. A Whopping £1088.00 to replace just the one. :crazy: On the SLK32AMG there are two pre Cats and then two catalysts before both pipes...
  14. M

    W210 catalyst failure

    Starting to get a tinny rattle from the cat area at startup on my 1998 W210 E320 V6 - assume its a cat on the way out. I've found a few price quotes around £300 delivered for a Bosal part so doesn't seem quite so bad - this part...
  15. swithin

    Broquet Fuel Catalyst

    HI all, has anyone put a Broquet fuel catalyst into their car and if so did you use the in-line version or the one that goes straight into the fuel tank? Also need to know how easy it is to get the fuel tank off. I've used one of these in both my motor bikes and they are great, you either...
  16. D

    Baking soda as catalyst

    While browsing the petrolprices website, came across this. It is too good to be true?:eek:
  17. M

    W210 E240 catalyst replacement?

    I've just had a look at a 99 E240 V6 facelifted W210. It drives nicely etc etc but there's a rattle from the exhaust near the engine which sounds to me like a knackered catalytic convertor. If that's the case, what would it cost to replace? I also noticed the LCD temperature readout on the...
  18. O

    W202 catalyst second hand or aftermarket?

    About 3 months ago the cat went on my 1996 w202 c200. After being told that a new MB one would cost £1100 I tried a couple of aftermarket ones, a bosel and eec, but both sounded aweful and after 3 months with the bosel I have started to loose power again, so back to step 1. Can anyone suggest...
  19. D

    Retrieve the platinum from catalyst and spark plugs

    As stated on the BBC Breakfast news this morning about stolen catalysts. Each catalyst contains a gram of platinum. How do you retrieve the platinum from catalysts and spark plugs?:D Didn't I read in another thread someone drilled all the honey-comb stuff from the catalyst and dump it in the bin?
  20. T


    anyone replaced the catalyst on a E300td W210. if so how did you manage or what tool did you use to close the spring clip that joins it to the pipe from the turbo. spent 1 1/2hrs today trying without any success
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