Indicater stalk adaption??

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Feb 5, 2012
C-Class Estate
Hi Everyone,

I'd like to ask for advice or redirection to posts that will help me round up some information before I jump in with a new (pre-owned) Mercedes C-Class.
Firstly I suffered a Stroke in June last year (only bloody 45! Grr) it has left me without feeling or sensation all the way down the left side from the center of my body, hence when I use the left hand I have to see what I am doing with it to use it.
At night I struggle with locating the indicaters on the left side, flashing lights, etc, I manage but would like to know if there is an adaption that allows the indicater stalk on the C-Class to be put on the right side of the column?

The other questions I'd like to ask,,,,
Is there a post/information on here that will clarify the main differences between the Elegance and Avantgarde models?

and what year the "face lift" that is spoken of came into the range as I believe the C220 Estate model ran from 00-07?

I'd appreciate any help in the above questions.

Yes, I'm pretty sure there will be. A close friend of mine had a Honda Jazz modified so that the indicator was attached to a semi-circular control rod that looped over the top of the steering wheel, resulting in all wheel controls being accessible by her strongest hand. A steering knob was also fitted for ease of steering.

She also had pedal adaptions made so that the accelerator was on her good side (the left). A flip-up/flip-down affair allowed for the left-hand accelerator to flip up and right-hand accelerator pedal to be flipped down for "normal" drivers to use.

You should really talk to your stroke liasion contact about motability adaptions.
Hi,, TiPete,
Thanks for your reply,
I know there are all kinds of adaptions and just hoping there is one specific for the C-Class and thought I'd throw the question while snowed in and businesses are closed today, I'll call the mobility people tomorrow.

Anyone with information on the specs listed above,, tried to purchase info packs from parkers as is onlt a couple of quid but their system won't accept a payment today :(
Ok,,,, well there are plenty of companies tht offer an IR, infra red system to enable this AND this leaves the original controls in place for other drivers of the vehicle>
There are different types that allow 5, 10 15, functions, all your secondary controls, indicators, high beam flash, windxcreen wipers wash etc,,, about £375 to wire into compatable vehicles, the units,,,, around £1400, OUCH!! but if it makes driving easier less stressful and ultimately more safer,,, CREDIT!!!!

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