Keyhole Surgery

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Nov 13, 2007
Costa Geriatrica
W210, W124
Well more like letterbox surgery really as Ollie expertly degutted the cats on my W210 in short order having made the required opening!
(should be material for a few puns there)

This was combined with fitting a new rear exhaust pipe and back box on the same visit. Results seem well worthwhile with a noticeable improvement in turbo spool-up and the car now lunges forward like an All-Black on steroids. Another PCS satisfied customer! :D
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I did another one today. (Supposed to be my day off!)

This time on a CLK500. There is a more noticeable bruble and it seems much more free to rev.

Thanks for the thanks again Dave

(another thanks for driving to TP for me)
Glad to report that post-op the car is going really well, will get the front "bottleneck" sorted before or during next scheduled servicing. Re. TP, no problem, a nice day out. :) BTW which model is that satnav of yours?

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