may they rot in hell

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Really sorry to hear that some scum has done your car. I can only imagane how you feel :eek:

So there is a list for Pammy at Clumber? Better polish my shoes then :bannana:
I’m sorry to hear about your car.
Some years ago vandals who threw paint all over our car port covering my mums new blue Supra in red paint on her 50 birthday. This deeply upset my mother the thought of some one coming into our farm yard and destroying items they also smashed up a compressor and coved the port in paint (it still on the floor 10 years latter).
It was just pointless vandalism. It really is jealousy I’m with
mark.t said:
Hells to good for um :devil: 5 mins in the back of a transit ;)
Mark in the transit.
I know we found it hard to come to terms with I personally could of understood it if they had been stealing things.
The thing that really p*s**s me off if you’d caught the t**t in the act and give him a good kicking you would be the one in the dock. The yanks have it right the innate right to protect your own propriety.

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