1. tron

    Talking Rot.

    My S202 is lovely but a little scabby here and there. Grinding the rust away is the answer to getting it ready to repair but then comes the debate about etch primer, bondaprimer or anything else. I've had another idea. I fix watches and often give them a bit of replating. I can nickel plate a...
  2. Sp!ke

    vintage cars deliberately left to rot in forest

    Is this man a crazy fool or does he have a genius streak?
  3. Laters

    1998 W202 C class Sill rust & rot or lack of it

    After seeing the photos and threads dealing with rust and rot on w202 c class cars some the same age as mine some newer some older I decided that it was time to have a look at mine in closer detal. I know my car is starting to show on the front wing above the bumper in front of the wheel...
  4. ConvertibleCLK

    Arch work, rot treatment, rolling and pulling.

    The rot in my rear arches has started to show so I'm thinking of having it done and while the body shop is at it having them roll and pull my arches to accommodate some wider wheels. Does anyone know a good bodyshop around Watford/st Albans? I'm happy to travel a bit for a good job.
  5. K

    W126 parcel shelf rot, bought the wrong panel

    I have the usual rot behind the parcel shelf on my SEC so i bought panel #17 in the diagram below (A1266470501) but it turns out its the wrong one as this is the exterior panel which sits under the rear screen. The bit thats rotten is the interior panel under the rear screen shown here. Is...
  6. O

    My spring perch rot and fell down

    Was just having a visual inspection yesterday on the perch after seeing what happen to Andy and shock and horror, the right was fine but the left perch was holding by a small rusty threat :eek: Now because the car is over 10 years old mercedes doesn't want to share the bill or repair and unless...
  7. M

    The rot has set in

    Hi everyone, I've been lurking on this site for some time now but have never actually posted anything. I drive a 1994 E220 Coupe which I bought last June. Although it runs like a dream, it has started to rust quite badly. The front wings could do with replacing but it is really bad on the...
  8. amwebby

    Aluminium Rot Claim - How thick is your paint?

    Having spotted aluminium rot on the bottom of the doors of my CL500 I contacted MB Customer Service, who advised me to take it to a local dealer for an inspection. I've just done that and, during the inspection, they measured the thickness of the paint with a micrometer. It was significantly...
  9. simonl

    may they rot in hell

    Some w**k keyed my bootlid last night. :mad: I hope they die a very painful lonely death after living a pathetic miserable life. ~£250 to fix - having just been made redundant it couldn't have come at a worse time. well i'm off to the gym to vent some anger :devil: :mad...
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