MB World Sun 24th Feb 11:00

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I think mine is clean enough.
Just can't be bothered today.
I had planned to wash it today, then couldn't be bothered! It was washed 3 weeks ago so I was gonna leave it. Then you lot made me feel bad! :D
Vacuumed for the first time ever as well. :p
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Washed it Thursday, it needs a good going over with but apparently other things are more important. ;)
Been umming and arring about coming but i think ill pop down.

Cars not exactly clean... but hey!

1. Bryan Allman
2. C43AMG (Peter)
3. BTB 500 (Bill)
4. Graveworm (Vince)
5. mattk1 (Matt)
6. Oldbrook
7. MissyD
8. Johnmcq
9. AmzChhabra (Amit)
10. Gaz
11. Arthur#
12. alexanderfoti
13. tbourner (Trev + Zoe)
14. PenelopePitstop
15. Enfieldgooner 14
16. Crewie
17. Fabes
18. Big Un + flango
19. Will
20. AMV
Sry new on here how u ping and yes I’m going
My mobile is **********what’s app is ok

@Crewie , if you don't want all and sundry messaging you, maybe best edit your number out in next 10 minutes

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