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Dec 24, 2023
C63, E350, Golf R
Hey all 👋

Long time lurker signing in!

Merry Christmas! Happy holidays! Happy Monday! Whatever floats your boat... Personally I'm a fan of the non working day :)

Currently own a high mileage '59 plate e350 CDI w212 (w204) and a '17 golf r estate.

Hoping to find a low-ish owner/mileage(<60k), well cared for s204 C63 in the coming weeks/months. Fingers crossed something pops up but no rush 🤞

I may require the help of more experienced heads on here regarding certain sounds (hydraulic lifters/cam adjusters) and what is healthy/unhealthy. Watched a ton (all) of videos but it's different when it's your own money at risk and a fifth second opinion is always reassuring!

Is there a specific section of the forum that would be best suited for that? i.e video linked and people can weigh in with their opinion. Tia.

Hoping Santa leaves you all an AMG hammer under the tree!

Thanks again,
Welcome 🎄⛄

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