Not a good day..

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A common scam by the uninsured.
'just get it fixed and I will pay'.

You get it fixed and ask for the money.

'don't know what your talking about bud, didn't hit you' (hoping that now your car is.fixed and you understand you've been scammed/he won't/can't pay, that the issue will have a chance of just going away).

Taking a payment for an obviously small repair from an insured neighbour to avoid premium hikes for scratches is one thing. Trusting a SornedNoInsurnace potential hit and run type if only they could get away with it is something else. Is this helping to conceal a crime (genuine question)?

Involve and claim through your insurer. If you have legal cover take qualified legal advice on whether you need to report this to the Police. If he was driving dangerously and pedestrians could have also been injured/killed, I personally would want to know I'd played this by the book and wouldn't have to accommodate difficult conversations with the Police later down the line.

I have close to zero compassion for the driver in this instance. On the odd occasion I've driven a non-MOT'ed car for test for example, I'm super super careful. To be blasting around SornedUninsured I think tells you all you need to know. Hardship, job loss etc okay I have some sympathy. Smashing cars up and driving like a nutter. I'm not interested in doing someone like that favours.

You need to look after yourself. They won't .
If he's got no insurance and no tax hopefully he's got a licence imo try once with a figure of repair, if its a no go don't waste your time dragging everything through court it wont achieve anything he's probably got nothing as for reckless driving etc try proving it witness's or not
You might have to bite the bullet on this 1 i do hope im wrong🤫
I would probably be in a police cell if it was my car so well done on staying calm😁
Since I don't live in the UK (haven't since 1977 ) and just pop in like Ronnie Biggs now and again for a peek at what's going on!
What's a SORN?
Is that a mantra for a medical condition?
Curious .
Tuercas Viejas
Anyone else factoring in the idea that the guy ‘knows where you live’ and the potential animosity that will arise due to ‘grassing the guy up’?

Not much you can do about that I suppose but it would leave me pretty paranoid/anxious
Also, it would seem highly unlikely that your car won’t be written off - I assume it’s not an AMG?

What make/model/year car hit it, out of curiosity?
I'm sorry to hear this, awkward to being someone local. I'm afraid the best option is to report all known facts to your insurers and the Police if there is a possibility he was driving illegally.
Bottom line, someone dishonest enough to drive without insurance and as you say only stopping fearing he was so unlikely to honour the bill.
If he can't afford insurance or is unwilling to follow such a law he is so unlikely to pay up.
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What's a SORN?
Is that a mantra for a medical condition?
Curious .
Well if the car has no MOT or have insurance you must fill in form and declare that you will not be driving it on the road.

As many have said it is best the op goes through his insurance,there is no way a guy who is running around with a sorn car will pay anything,of course you then have to weigh up the fact that he nearly hit two pedestrians,and so for my money you have to contact the police.
If the guy challenges you about this I'd be saying the Police contacted you to discuss an accident that had been reported and that they advised you to make a claim on your insurance. Might be a bit of a fib. May be someone has already reported it. Either way, it brings in an element of doubt if he's trying to find out who dobbed him in. I don't know. What do others think?
The police won't do anything about it 😒 because they never cought him you may get a number but i very much doubt it
That looks like it is not going to be a cheap repair. Question is has said uninsured sorned driver got that sort of cash......????????????
having had a knock last year mate, assuming there no damage that you cant see I can tell you that used MB parts are easy to come by and dirt cheap.

My S W221 needed and cost (all original parts ) - front wing £100, front bumper £150, bumper bar (behind bumper - called a crash bar) £150

I was lucky to have no inner damage so wing was a bolt on as with bumper and crash bar, new washer jet and a few MB clips......... the headlight was a killer at £1.2k!!!!

My paint wasn't cheap and also non MB - front wing, bonnet, bumper and door - £1k

FYI - local dealership wanted 7k to repair the car! - my bill, £2.7k

No collision, I slide on ice into a crash barrier. - You may get lucky with limited "cost" and this uninsured JERK might have the money - Good Luck

Seen your video - you might get lucky there, i het the crash barrier at about 50, no airbags....nothing structural or suspension related for me.
What an absolute tosser. Go to the insurance company, screw that guy... just try to figure out how to minimise personal vendettas of the guy as he lives so close. I'm not bothered about what happens to him, but I am always uncomfortable when something like this happens and your home address is known.

At least you're 'lucky' enough that this driver was in the right place at the right time with the dash cam running...

Reminds me, I must buy a dash cam ASAP...
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Since I don't live in the UK (haven't since 1977 ) and just pop in like Ronnie Biggs now and again for a peek at what's going on!
What's a SORN?
Is that a mantra for a medical condition?
Curious .
Tuercas Viejas
SORN , Statuatory Off Road Notification. You tell the Authorities that the vehicle that should be taxed is not because you have voluntarily taken it off the road ie: put in anywhere you like but NOT on a public road, even parked. No tax payment due until you want to put it back on the road.
Could be a write off, you would need to get it inspected properly. No way that guy will pay you £2 or £3K for a repair he thinks is just a bump. People who do not 'know' cars have little or no idea they cost to repair, especially MB cars. he did hit your car pretty hard.
Footage proves it actually happened, does not prove identity of driver.

Crappy fiesta, risk taker, not legal. I think your insurance will have to do its job here.
His McDonald's was probably getting cold, he was definitely an inexperienced driver

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