Not a good day..

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Quick update: decided to let my insurer deal with it and also informed 101 as he was asking for my full name and address (slightly sinister).

Probs for the best - we pay for insurance for a reason and given this could all become legal and complex, let them manage that and you sit back and worry less.

Also - well done for not knocking his block off! :p:p
This is a very irritating situation, Personally I would have got a quote and gave him the option to pay, to avoid him being done for driving while sorn and without insurance, also I'm thinking he may not want to make enemies of his neighbours, I'm sure he could imagine how vindictive someone could get if he tried to f**k them over.
I have my car SORN only to save the cost of the road tax as it is going nowhere in the winter/lockdown, my car is still insured and has a current MOT and I would not dream of using it illegally.
Anyone declaring their car SORN and not having insurance driving it on the road is not to be trusted, obviously driving to a prebooked MOT allows the car on the road for that event, but still needs insurance to be driven.
Just arrived home today and one of my neighbours came out to tell me 'my car had been hit' Damage

As well as the visible damage - both front wheels (o/s/f wheel minor scuff), o/s/f wing, bumper, trim etc. - the car was pushed into the kerb causing damage to the n/s/f wheel and possibly suspension

There were witnesses (2 neighbours) and a van driver caught it on dashcam (hoping to get the footage). Neighbours said he was driving too fast for the conditions, lost control and hit my car as well as nearly hitting 2 pedestrians. He was about to drive off before realising the whole incident had been witnessed then deciding to leave his details under my wiper. He also lives in the same road so identifying him won't be difficult.

Spoke to him this evening and he wants to avoid going through insurance because the car isn't insured and sorned. Asked me to get some quotes and he'll pay for it.

Whilst I don't have an issue with not involving insurance companies, I just see him potentially rejecting any quotes I get, but then does the spectre of uninsured driver remind him of the consequences of doing so?

I also contacted my insurers (Churchill) who reasured me that i wouldn't be penalised for just letting them know and mentioned the uninsured driver scheme would apply if I decided to claim on my policy.

So, can anyone recommend a body repair shop in the South East (Medway) area please?

Consider the mentality of somebody driving around in an uninsured & un-Sorned car. You came to an agreement with him however informal & should you change your mind & advise your insurance company AND advise the police the consequences he may suffer may well result in anger which he may well take out on you, he knows where you live remember. Knowing where HE lives & in what apparent circumstances may well be an indicator of who you're dealing with.
There is no way that this moran is going pay you a single penny imo.

As others have already said if he cannot even be bothered tax and insure his own vehicle then the probability of balance is more than likely that he will pay you zero!

Do the needful through your insurance.

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