oil level - have i topped up too much?

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Dec 15, 2016
none as yet!
hi all, i have an e320 cdi (2003).

i've topped up the oil and the level is now showing as 7.3.

just wondering if this is too much as I know too much can damage the engine?

thanks in advance for any help/advice!
I seem to recall on my 2003 E class it told me when I had overfilled it once, saying I should remove excess oil.
7.3 ltr is the correct amount for a 2003 W211 E320Cdi.

As above, you'll get a message on the dash if you have put in too much.

If you need to remove any, invest in a Pela or Sealey extractor. Very worthwhile tool.
Do not over fill or you could end up with a runaway diesel engine:eek:

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