1. estate-agent

    Checking oil level CLK 320 CDI Sport

    Hi all, Probably a dumb question but I'm struggling with finding oil level check on speedo cluster. I don't have the handbook to check the "how to". It's easy on my 270 CLK as it's a simple option from steering wheel controls, not so it seems on my 320 CDI Sport! I have tried putting the...
  2. S

    Oil level help

    2007 w204 220 When engine cold where should the oil level be on dipstick.. I have always been taught at max fill level However A local independent Merc specialist said just over half... seems low to me He said it allows for the oil pressure to rise when warm and at higher...
  3. T

    atf dipstick for level check on a VITO W639 V6 Diesel

    Anyone know whether my ATF dipstick that i used on my 2001 E320CDI (inline 6 ) and 1999 CLK 430 can be used on my W639 2007 VITO 120CDI (Sport X 204 ) I think the its the same 722.6 box as its tiptronic & Rear wheel drive and not the 7 speeder presumably my combination is the same as perhaps the...
  4. L

    oil level - have i topped up too much?

    hi all, i have an e320 cdi (2003). i've topped up the oil and the level is now showing as 7.3. just wondering if this is too much as I know too much can damage the engine? thanks in advance for any help/advice!
  5. L

    oil level - have i topped up too much?

    hi all, i have an e320 cdi (2003). i've topped up the oil and the level is now showing as 7.3. just wondering if this is too much as I know too much can damage the engine?
  6. D

    W203 - C220CDI electronic fuel level issue

    When i first got the car decided to check out the dipstick. Felt like one when I realised some have an electronic dipstick. However I cant get it to give me a readout. Wonder if its failed in someway. Any ideas guys?
  7. AngryDog

    Check oil level?

    I do not have an owners manual so I cannot refer that, but how the hell do I check the oil level on my E55? I've been through the menus cannot see anything. I have done the key to pos 1 and press reset 3 times thing but I am told that's not the correct way to do it? Am I being daft???
  8. M

    722.8 auto transmission oil level read

    A simple question but can anyone tell me how to read the automatic transmission dipstick please ? The instructions say that at 80C the dipstick should read between levels 5-7, ideally 6. However upon pulling out the dipstick the two sides always show different levels, so not really sure which...
  9. A

    Check Coolant Level - Message

    Hi, A couple of months ago I saw Check Coolant level message in dashboard. I checked the level and it was just right (leveled on the black body of the expansion tank. The message went away after that, then it came back again after couple of weeks. I checked again and the level was fine but I...
  10. Gary Beale

    High Level Rear Brake Light W204 Estate 2012

    Hi All I am trying, without much luck to find a replacement for the above. Can anybody help me with the part number and if at all, a guide on how to change the unit. Thanks
  11. R

    3rd High level brake light

    Hi all, I've been trying to measure the supply to the 3rd brake light, my multimeter registers 12v only momentarily then I have to wait before it will register 12v again. Does the Voltage switch off if an open circuit is detected as I have the light disconnected? The mechanic disconnected it...
  12. B

    W203 C270 Electronic Oil Level - Help!

    Hi, I am a new member and this is my first post. Don't know what the protocol is.....so hi! I bought my Mercedes this January, a W203 C270 CDI Auto Avantgarde and I think it's great! Anyway, I'm about to do an oil and filter change myself this weekend and need some advice on getting the...
  13. Braincrank

    transmission oil level

    Hello and good morning. I noticed a few days ago that the transmission oil level is about 1cm above the max line . That is after driving the car when everything is up to temperature. Is it harmful to the transmission , do i need to drain some of it or not worry ?
  14. B

    722.6 Gearbox oil level problem

    I recently carried out a pan fluid and filter change on my CLK220. About 4 litres came out and I refilled 4 litres back. But for some reason my Dip stick is constantly reading the oil level right at the bottom of the stick and this is after I gave it a 20 minute drive. So far Ive added an...
  15. Lenny63

    Airmatic level sensors - how do they work?

    Hi Guys Can someone explain to me how the sensor arms Which have the links and the level sensors on the top mounts under bonnet work off eachother ? Does the front sensor on one side impact the rear height on that side ? Or do they work diagonally with eachother ? I Hope This makes...
  16. J

    CLS 219 - Creaking airmatic level sensor

    Hi, have a 2008 CLS 500, I had a creak from the front left suspension and started doing the ball joint, got it apart and it was fine, then realised that the noise was coming from the Airmatic level sensor when I detached the dog bone that connects it to the top wishbone. I doused it in WD40...
  17. F

    The dreaded 'top up coolant' warning, but level is fine?

    So after a dreaded 'top up coolant' warning on my CLS63, I checked the water level and it's pretty much where it's been for the last 6 months Oil level has gone down very slightly if anything, not risen, no excessive white steam from exhaust even in this cold weather, only thing I can think of...
  18. B

    checking auto oil level

    I changed the oil some time ago 97 C180 722.6 5 speed however not sure that i have the correct dip stick , mine has 2 brass ferules ,what are the measurements from the tip to the ferules?.
  19. S

    SL500 (R230, 2003): Correct coolant level?

    Could someone kindly tell me where to find the correct coolant level indicator on the above. I suspect I'm being dense, but the handbook is not at all helpful and there are no obvious 'Max'/'Min' marks that I can see on the tank.
  20. clk320x

    Check coolant level??

    Last few days it's been quite cold maybe 6c Switched car on in the morning yesterday got check coolant level, took it for a 10 minute drive once car reached operating temp, switched car off and on and warning message disappeared. Thought nothing more of it. Then today morning, same message...
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