OTC Compulsive Disorder


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Nov 24, 2003
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Read a survey of new car purchases last week which indicates that over the past three years the UK has the highest proportion of open top car purchases in the EU. This really surprised me given our generally iffy weather, but then maybe it is a reaction to same!

Anyway, the OTC in OTC Compulsive Disorder is of course Open Top Car. Saturday was really nice day, so lots of OTC's runing around with lid down. Many a weekend MB spotted as well as a Dodge Viper. Fair enough,that is what they are for. But...

Once the lid has been down, OTC CD seems to set in for yesterday it was wet. To be precise, miserable & wet. But there they were, hardy souls who were hooked on windy hair again. 06.15 this morning, lo and behold, I spot another sufferer and miserable looking female in passenger seat.

So, this Easter, as our thoughts turn to those less fortunate than ourselves, spare a thought for these poor souls and especially those in passenger seat looking about as happy as deep frozen easter bunnies.


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Jun 1, 2002
simonl said:
well you can put me in the loony bin. i've had otc cd for ages :D
I was your miserable passenger on at least one occaision! ;)

No but seriously, it was really sunny (if a little cold) when we went to the GTG and I really enjoyed the open top experience! I suppose when you pay a little more for a car because it has an optional roof, you make the most of the weather and brave it with the roof down!

I borrowed a saab 900 cabrio a few years ago, auto 2.5 v6 with black paint and magnolia leather. That was a nice car to drive and with the roof down it was great! Admittedly it was summery, but even in the cool, clear evening it was nice to blast about with the roof down! Was sneezing all the next day though, I think it gave me a cold.

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