PSU going, or was it just the fuse...

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Yep, only getting on - sounds like yours need a bus pass they are that old! :p
Slightly... but they still work perfectly which is more than I can say for some new bits of technology
Just spotted your thread and there's lot's of good advice. However, I'd also add the following;
Working out maximum load is OK to an extent. It's really about knowing the load on all seperate voltage rails. Quality suppies have several rails and therefore are far better at load balancing.
Having already had issues, and your intention to build a new machine in future, why not replace the supply for a quality unit at around £80 - £100 which can be used for the new build.

A UPS is a great idea and I use several APC units. You can get some very good domestic, single pc units.

At an absolute minimum you should be plugging into a Belkin surge protection strip.
Both the extensions have surge protectors - probably why it was just shutting down rather than frying itself :D

Yeah with a new machine it'll be new everything as I plan on using this as a local web server for testing on.
Sure I can't tempt you in a boxed as new Fujitsu desktop? It's an ErgoPro with Windows and a keyboard and mouse...

It is from 1997, though, and is running Windows for Workgroups 3.11 :D
Hmm, it is tempting - but I just can't financially justify going for a machine with that much raw power ;)
Oh come on, an 80W PSU is more than enough :D

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