1. E

    Which Fuse

    Can anyone tell me which fuse deals with the dynamic handling package on a w204 please? And if removed does it also switch off any other functions of the car? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. A

    E220 Cabriolet Fuse Box in car

    I am trying to find the fusebox in my 2013 E220 Cabriolet. The manual points to a panel to the right of the steering column, I have pulled this off but no fusebox, and have checked the other side as well nothing there also. So any idea where it is if there is one as I want to take a feed to...
  3. Jalalul

    Fuel Pump Fuse 6 Wire Hack

    Hi there everyone. I was wondering if anyone has done this to their W204s. A Fuel Cut Off Switch, I believe someone tried to steal my car as I came back to it yesterday and realised someone had taken the ride chrome doortrim seal. And there was an increase in gap for the driver door handle...
  4. N

    C63 fuse box help !

    Hey all, Been nearly a month since I bought my c63. Thought it would be wise to have a dash cam stalled. I ended up buying the Blackvue Dr650s-2ch and power magic pro. I understand the fuse box is under the bonnet but a small section in the right hand side of the boot. Seems the dash cam...
  5. C

    2012 Facelift C180 Blueefficiency rear fuse box.

    Hello all. I've fitted a dash cam and need a constant live from the rear fuse box. I'm having real difficulties finding one. Appears to me the fuses are in different states when car open and locked and all have different lengths of time at which they receive power. Suffice to say the few...
  6. T

    2006 clk AGW fuse

    Hi, My 2006 clk 320cdi has been experiencing issues with the command system lately (only showing mb logo then going off) , it was due to get looked at the weekend past but issues came up. My issue is now my battery is drained and a lot of talk online mentions the audio gateway may be...
  7. CowleyStJames

    Fuse boxes location and fuse diagram

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for fuse box locations in a 2011 W212 E Class estate? After my C Class, which had a fuse allocation and box location chart, I'm a bit miffed that my E Class doesn't. I'm looking to hardwire a Blackvue DR650S front and back dash cam in with the Power...
  8. C

    2014 SLK Fuse data map

    Hi Just got a 2014 SLK250 and want to wire my Dashcam to a switched fuse. Does anyone have a fuse diagram they could share? I had the dashcam in my E Class and the fusebox in the boot housed the switched fuses. All the fuses in the boot on the SLK seem to have permanent feed supply Thanks
  9. Andyboi

    Newbie W202 Burnt fuse box

    Have a 1997 W202 C180 Classic facelift M.111 with electrical fault. Wife was driving and told me she smelt burning in the boot. Had a look and the small fuse box in the boot was melted. Car still driving although has low rev problem and wants to stall. Ok when over 2000 rpm. Can anyone tell me...
  10. B

    W164 Fuse board by glovebox

    Hi All, I am stuck with no access to wiring diagrams or even a multimeter, only got internet on the iPhone! The fuse board by the glove box on a W164, fuse board F3? The main power that feeds this board, is it a permanent live or a switched live once the something else powers up...
  11. A

    Air scarf blows fuse.

    I have airscarf and the driver side works ok, but when the passenger side button is depressed it blows a fuse in the dashboard fuse panel, and this stops both seats airscarf working......everything else is ok. I disconnected both the heater and blower connectors from both seats, and the same...
  12. R

    no power to internal fuse board non starter

    Hope someone can help. I have inherited my late fathers c class 270cdi On starting the car it was running and then a shorting out sort of sound and the car stopped running and I now have no power to the internal fuse board in the side of dash and although I have dash lights and radio works and...
  13. M


    Hi, I have a E class W212 one of the horns is not working, there is no power going to it. I tried a different horn and checked the fuse still nothing, has any one have any idea what the problem could be.
  14. V

    Brake light fuse blows when pedal NOT pressed! (pics)

    Hi guys please help, If I keep brake pedal pressed & start engine all is fine but soon as let go of brake pedal the fuse blows, no brake lights & EPS + ASR light on! The Yellow/Black wire on brake light switch is return signal telling system pedal is Not being pressed but is shorted to...
  15. H

    Switched live drivers side fuse board ??

    Trying to find an ignition switched live in the drivers side fuse box in order to fit my dash cam. All the circuits apear to be permanently live. Can anyone help:(
  16. A

    Front Wipers not working

    Front Wipers not working E220 W211 2007 E220 W211 2007 It was raining heavily yesterday when wipers stopped working about 1/4 mile from my home. After a bit of research I figured it could be the wiper motor fuse F56 (40amp) So changed that. Still not working. In fact I can hear the motor...
  17. M

    Vito 111cdi ECU/fusebox fan fault

    2004 van (215k miles), the ecu/fusebox fan seems to be sticking on and flattening battery, managed to find and unplug the fan. (unscrew fuseboard lift it up and on the vertical piece on left side below you will see red and brown wires twisted round each other into a plug, pull that its the power...
  18. C

    W210 electrical problems fixed-ish

    I have just bought another w210 e300td two weeks ago. Aside from the front of the car changing direction when it wants, a foglight bulb out and a misfire/white smoke on cold startups (glow plug issue) it runs real smooth. However, It had the famed electrical gremlins! When I test drove it...
  19. J

    W210 Fuse Keeps Blowing - any ideas please???

    Hi, My car is a 2002 E320 CDI Estate, W210 model. Fuse number 10, a Red 10 amp fuse in the engine bay fuse box keeps blowing, leaving me without the horn, trip computer, passenger airbag, radio constant live (well the radio now has to be turned on manually every time I start the car, rather...
  20. Aibonator

    W205 C63s 12v Switched Fuse Help

    Trying to fit a dashcam to the new motor. Want to wire it to the passenger fuse panel 301-341. Looked at the fuse map in the fuse box and there is a fuse for the Panoramic Roof. This must be switched 12v because the sunroof won't open if the egnition is off. But there is no fuse in the slot...
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