Quiet tyres??

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Nov 2, 2008
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This has probably been aired before, and I apologise if it has, but which are the quietest tyres??? Have Michelin 195/65 x 15 energy's at the moment and there's plenty left on them. I know there are many factors to take into account, price included of course and longevity, but when it comes to the time is there a favourite make that any of you prefer for low noise?
I can tell you what not to get :D

Dont buy P6000 Pirelli's, they are sooooo loud it unbelievable.
Falken ZE 912

I put a full set of Falken ZE 912's on the Zafira last weekend and on a run yesterday to Pompey on the M27 and pootling around the area they seem quite a bit quieter than the Conti's it had on there.

I bought them for wear, noise and wet grip in which they have good press and are starting to get good write ups

225/45/17 cost £75 a corner for four at the moment
I think I've driven W124 estates with most types of tyre. The worst seem to be Goodyear NCTs and Pirellis. Matadors / Kumhos / Firestones / Dunlops / etc are OK but not great

I had a car with soft Yokohamas that were quite good. Avon ZV5s seem to work well. I used to use Uniroyals years ago and they were pretty good

Michelins and Continentals Premium Contact IIs are my favourites. For me Contis seem to be the quietest and the best all-rounder

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