Rear door puddle lights.

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Aug 2, 2011
Carmarthen, West Wales.
A-class 180 cdi cvt Avantgarde se 2008
Newby here (Lippy) I have a A-class 180 avantgarde se cdi auto.
Could any body tell me how to get the rear door puddle lights to come on,as they do not seem to work.Been into the on board computer but no info.
No info in the owners manual either.
Could someone help please,
Ta Mick (Lippy).
They should operate when either of the rear doors is opened , along with the rear interior light . The contact switches in the B pillar should switch them .

I presume you have checked the lamps in each unit ?
Cheers Derek,
Done that no switches on the B pillar. What gets me is that the front door puddle lights work.
Rear ones dont light up on the a-class.
Cheers Pal,
No need to worry any more.
As I'm on with you I also have COMMAND APS came with the car.Not my cost (£2,220) how come no TV or plays no DVD's at that price I would think it would do everything. Thanks Mick (Lippy).
You have the older NTG2 unit which doesnt play dvds. The latest unit the NTG2.5 fitted from MY09> does.

The TV tuner is an optional extra it is not standard.
Cheers Mate,
Get better info from you than I get from Merc Swindon and Swansea.
Many thanks Mick.
Lippy here,
How's your MPG, I have only recently purchased my A-class filled it up got on the M4 at Swindon and got up to 80ish fuel never moved for ages got down to Swansea and then it just drank it,Hoping the second half of the tank is a bit more frugal.
What MPG did the computer show? Most my driving is around town but on long runs think it averages just under 50 MPG but TBH I am not one of those who keeps a close eye on the MPG.
Computer said 44.5.
I had it the manual mode with the tiptronic 7th all the way until I got to Carmarthen in built up traffic.Revs down in 7th rather than kept in CVT where the revs were up a bit. 80mph / 1600revs but rubbish Mpg in my view.

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