SL55 AMG Hissing/Buzzing noises?!?

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Nov 21, 2009
SL55 AMG/C180 K
When I switch the car off & get out, I can hear a hissing noise coming from behind the passenger side front wheel. It sounds like air leaking from a tyre but it isn't the tyre & it stops after a while.

I also have a buzzing noise coming from the driver's side engine bay (I think) when I open the door before starting & when stationary for some seconds, then stops??

Nothing seems to be wrong.

Is this normal behaviour or is something going wrong??
Oh & yes this is a similar post but got no replies from SL owners :eek:

Ok then.

Sounded familiar until I saw yours has ABC, as airmatic-equipped cars like mine make a hissing noise upon locking the car.
The buzzing noise could well be your SBC pump recycling.
I hear mine quite often and it's quite noisy.
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