Someone crashed into the back of the car, help

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Thanks all

I used the maps as suggested and got the exact location
I have maged to do an online report a few mins ago - I am not hopeful but I will press for at least one visit to the registered owner
I will send the pics of the driver and the car reg

I was nervous, scared and did not mage to video as I feared an attack but did call coops

last night I made an official complaint re police lack of action

I risked getting a beating or worse and the main reason I called cops was the guy was 100% drunk or drugged

I was too optimistic as when I got in touch with my insurance, the car is not insured - I know its taxed and mot'd as I checked myself

Having spent over an hour on the phone, waiting and chatting giving details and then more time with another section of the insurance people, we went out to pick up an item - I noted my rear sensors are not operating just the camera so rang insurance again and updated

as its a none insured car, I'm only entitled to their approved repairs car but it will be an automatic - we have another car but will get that courtesy car deliver, from enterspie or may have to pick up as the car may be with them for a few days - they asked for pics for quote for insurance, all arranged via insurance but as I want a firmer quote I will drive up sometime next week in the hope parts are easily available and they don't have the car for more than a few days

I have no complaints against my insurance co as the are 5 star defacto rated whatever that is but they are polite and helpful but a million questions and typing - try to catch me out, lol but I have nothing to hide

re the paddle shift - the repair epole will send to to mercdes to diagnose and if not connected the 2/3 diagnosis may come to over 600 - I have been looking online cant see anyiting and fear/feel its a very unlucky coincidence - even when I told the insurance people I told them it may be a coincidence as I cant see the rear impact having an effect on the paddle shift - the car otherwise drive like new

sorry re typos, grammar, work out mainly due to getting the online report to the cops as my new chrmebook kept on throwing me out from the third page

I'm very confident the police will do **** all - honestly sorry re my language but this the thrid time in around t35 years we've been victims of uninsured parasites hitting our stationary cars - thankfully, no injuries;
Re the vehicle being uninsured , my first thought regarding that is that the drunk driver who hit your car WAS the owner , and this was the reason for him driving off without giving you any details .

It is indeed fortunate that you got photographs of him , from which he can be identified , but I do hope that both you and at least one of your passengers saw him and would be able to formally identify him ;-)

As for insurance , the case is not as black as it might first appear ; make sure you get in touch with the Motor Insurers Bureau ( MIB ) all motor insurers are members of this and they have a fund to cover this type of incident , and you can claim against that fund rather than against your own insurer . For an uninsured vehicle which was driven by the at fault driver in an incident , it is also possible to claim against the " insurer of last resort " which will be the company which most recently wrote cover on that vehicle , and especially if it was insured by the current keeper of the vehicle ; the MIB will take care of this , but you need to lodge a claim with them .

It really would be best if you speak to , and engage , a competent lawyer specialising in motor claims to look after your interests in this case ; as long as your insurance includes legal assistance then this can be done through your own insurance , but the important thing here is to make sure you are claiming against the third party , and not your own policy .

Strictly speaking , and in the eyes of the law , even though he is uninsured , the other driver is personally liable for all damage done to your vehicle , and any legal costs incurred , as well as hire cars supplied during the time your vehicle is incapacitated : you can sue him personally for all of this , which is just what your own insurers will do if they end up paying for the repairs etc in the first instance , just to get you back on the road without delay .

I do suspect there is a fair possibility that the drunk driver and the uninsured vehicle owner might turn out to be one and the same person ; it would be worth asking your insurers if , in the first instance , if they can obtain the vehicle owner's driving licence photograph from DVLA , and compare with your photo that you will doubtless have sent to them . If the two photographs appear to correlate , then your insurers should be able to ask the police to bring the owner in for an interview in relation to the charges of at least driving without insurance , at which point you would be able to go in to the police station and formally identify him , all the better if there are two of you able to do this . If the owner alleges that someone else was driving , and again the police can REQUIRE him to provide name and address of this other driver under Road Traffic Act s172 , ( failure to comply with this request for information within the set period , 28 days from memory , is an offence in itself and can result in the owner being charged with both this offence and the offence the enquiry was related to ) , then he can still be identified in the same way and charged with driving without insurance ; along with the owner being charged with causing and permitting this offence . Oh , and since the vehicle was being used whilst uninsured , it can be seized and either destroyed if of low value or sold at auction .
Thanks, Potoneer

The fact of the matter is the police were not interested as per my earlier posts, IE they had "closed" the case
Lets just hope the drunk does not kill anyone next time
I have a lot going on re health etc and there is minimal damage to the car and not too worried about that but
concentrating more on wanting the police to recognise the fact they've let slip through their fingers a good chance to nab an uninsured, drunk driver

The police do seem to be overstretched and I guess they did not have the cars in the area ad I was not 100% where we were exactly but
I was aware of the name of the road which is about two miles long at the most and did tell them which end of it we were and heading toward the M6

What really get me is they way they closed the crime within 8 hours as the parsite/car reg was outside the police area.

As I've said before, I've made a formal complaint the same night and the other day completed an online effort. The forum states the police may be in touch for pics which we have

I hope the car is seized and crushed and the driver banned, or banned again and locked up

I guess if we were in London, we have a lot more cctv, there may have been a better chance of catching the drunk

Re our car - I've had it from new, full MBSH, very clean on the inside but the outside I don't bother as very clean nice cars attract
envious, inbred vandals
Btw, my insurance and i always go for the top spec of it just in case we need it - returns our excess and NCD of max years is also protected
if victims of uninsured vehicles as long as you have the reg, which we do and more
Not great when something like this happens.

If I'm correct, you say the car itself was insured but the driver wasn't?

In that case, just put a claim through the insurance of the vehicle. You have the reg and photos which is all you need, let them sort it out and find out who the driver is
See Post 15 - the other car was not insured.

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