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May 9, 2007
BMW 330d
Hello all,

I just wanted to give my thanks [1] to Ian and Brian for working on my car on saturday. I asked them to do three things for me, Install my HID kit, refit my Becker GPS/head unit so that the aerial and mike were properly installed, and not just draped over the interior, and to install the roof modules for me.

I had a slight scare on monday morning when my car had a very flat battery and wouldn't start, forcing me to work out how to get to work via public transport, but I think I know what caused it. I think that my playing around with bluetooth on my mobile phone the previous evening managed to accidentally wake [2] the head unit up in the car where I think it proceeded to play the radio (or maybe a cd) all night until by morning, it was dead. a jumpstart from the neighbours mini and a drive all the way round the m60 seemed to charge it up and <cross.thumbs> it's been fine since :)

The xenon kit I installed was one originally installed in my last BMW that I removed before sale. when in the BMW it had a slight flicker every 10 minutes or so as one (or both) of the bulbs re-arced. I put this down to the BMW electronics not liking a third party HID kit, but I notice it's still happening in the SLK. however, as Ian rivetted the ballasts deep within the engine bay (underneath the headlights) and the ballasts are probably over a year old now I think I'll just put up with it for now ;)

the roof module however is fine. it's nice to be able just push the button once and then have time to put sunglasses on etc while the roof does it's thing.

Anyway, I know it was more work than Ian/Brian expected it to be (me either) so I wanted to thank them for their time in helping me out :)


[1] ie gratitude, I gave them my fiscal thanks on the day ;)
[2] to be fair, I queried the headunit "headset" for bluetooth servies and was quite surprised to see it answer, esp as the car was about 15m away behind three walls. had I been wise I would have gone to the car to see if it had properly woken it up...

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