Tuning, tweaking, playing advice please

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Sep 4, 2017
E350 coupe
Hi all.

Got my old 350d coupe being delivered tomorrow and Im new to Merc ownership.

I very much like to play and tune and tweak and generally throw money at my vehicles but I have no clue with Mercs and as its going to be my commuter for the winter I got a bit of time to play with it whilst its sat here doing nothing.

Im thinking of going to GAD for the tuning as Im in Essex and these guys seem to know their stuff.
With my Audi we have a tool called VAGCom which enables the user via the OBDII port to enable and change different features of the car etc, can this be done with Merc at all?

Also, its the Sport so comes with all the AMG bits like 19's rims and interior bits but what other subtle bit would you add/change etc?

Any and all advice gratefully received.

My other toys as well as the car coming.


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wheres the front number plate on the audi, did it 'fall off' :D :D :D
Oh yes, it must have, I never realised :O

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