1. J

    Tuning, tweaking, playing advice please

    Hi all. Got my old 350d coupe being delivered tomorrow and Im new to Merc ownership. I very much like to play and tune and tweak and generally throw money at my vehicles but I have no clue with Mercs and as its going to be my commuter for the winter I got a bit of time to play with it...
  2. A

    W202 CDI Tuning Box

    Wanted a Tuning Box to fit a W202 220CDI, please.
  3. M

    Renntech A45 Tuning Box

    Mercedes RenntechTunning Box A45 A Class CLA45 GLA45 | eBay
  4. RickyBurrows

    Remap or Tuning Box?

    Just wondered what people prefer, I've always had remaps as I feel it's individual to the car and works better for it and never understood why a plug in box would do anything other than probably over fuel it, so I'd like to know why people choose the tuning box's what's the advantages over a...
  5. E

    e350 tuning and service by MSL 18th July

    So far top notch communication. Opening this thread as I will post dyno results hoepfully and whole experience. Chosen to have service by them also, as I fully FULLY well aware now MB dealers do bugger all apart from safety checks and exterior car clean. vehicle late 2013 e350 bluetec
  6. F

    Mercedes e320 cdi w211 tuning box for sale.

    Hello, I'm selling an 'Alpin' Tuning box for the Mercedes e320 cdi, It was originally supplied by DMS Automotive who are globally well known with great reviews. I was using the box in my e320 cdi estate 2003, before it was written off unfortunately. Performance and fuel economy were both...
  7. CLSMark

    TDI Tuning Box

    Just purchased one from eBay. I've had one on all my tdi's through the years, and they do definitely make an improvement. I feel my cls's power delivery isn't the smoothest, and does suffer from flat spots. Hopefully the little box of tricks will sort that out. Sent from my iPhone using...
  8. tommerc49

    B200 CDI tuning help & suggestions (Remap/ Exhaust/ EGR Blanking/ DPF delete)

    OK so I've owned this B200 CDI Sport for a few months now (having initially purchased it for my Mrs, but I have since took ownership of it as it seems more suited to me than it does her)... Problem is, I have never owned a Diesel before and in truth I never thought I would ever own one...
  9. M

    GLE 500e Hybrid. Tuning

    Hi guys My wife's 16plate GLE 500e hybrid needs a tweek. The exhaust is rather understated. She's come from a V8 supercharged Jag estate and now it's a bit tame. I've located one by a German firm but it's 4k and has actuators etc. Just want a replacement exhaust with more flow...
  10. E

    Diesel Tuning

    And now for something completely different... I've just bought BingotheBounce's Peugeot 508 estate. It will replace the E350 CGI; now you understand my first sentence! It's not half bad - well ahead of most previous Peugeots in interior quality (one of my sons is a deviant, and has had...
  11. Abb

    Brabus D6 S Tuning box

    As per title, am after a Brabus D6 S tuning box for my 2012 W166 ML350. Must be in good working order. Many thanks
  12. Brabus1408

    Brabus D6-III Eco Power Xtra Tuning kit - **BARGAIN**

    Ladies and gentlemen, I have the following for sale in used, but very good condition, which was previously fitted, with great success, to my 2008 Mercedes C320 CDI. Brabus D6-III Eco Power Xtra Tuning kit - increases power to 272bhp and toque to 590Nm. Data rom the Brabus website: BRABUS...
  13. Teshie

    Big Fish Tuning Stokesley

    I pick my car up on Sunday (C63 w204) and I'm keen to release a few more horses as soon as I can I've heard good reports about MSL in Birmingham, but due to time restrictions, and I've been looking at getting a remap closer to home (Durham) Big Fish tuning in Stokesley seem to have a good...
  14. baxlin

    Admiral and tuning box/remap

    Anyone any experience with Admiral's treatment of remap/tuning boxes? I'm considering most likely a tuning box for one of our cars on a Multicar policy, but I'm relatively new to Admiral. Thanks
  15. R

    Brabus eco powerxtra w204 tuning box for sale

    Hi, I have for sale a brand new Brabus Eco PowerXtra D2 iii for the W204 C200 Cdi with the OM651 engine. Checked fitment with Marcus Paus at Brabus who has confirmed it will only fit the above engine/model. Full kit brand new in box, bought in error as I have the OM646 engine in my W204...
  16. mark44

    M156 tuning question

    I am under the impression the M156 other than the dry-sumped SLS is basically the same engine at different states of tune. Most C63's which are the most 'de-tuned' seem to be remap-able up to about the 520bhp region. The later M156 engined E63 + S63's etc had 518bhp. Can they be remapped to...
  17. C

    ML270 Tuning box

    Has anyone got or used a diesel tuning box on an ML270 please? I've seen mixed stories about them so would like to hear from users. Thanks
  18. C

    Dtuk tuning box

    For e320 cdi took it off before i sold car. Have box and reciept as well as instructions. Less than 6 mth old and is the top model dtuk sell. Bargin £180
  19. L

    2-liter naturally aspirated engine tuning

    Hi guys My father has a 2-liter naturally aspirated E200 He wants more power in this engine I can install a Kompressor? This update was made by someone in this forum? Thanks,Luca
  20. ozzyboy

    om606 tuning

    bought a w210 E300 om606 estate the other day i am amazed at the way it drives,the general condition and the fact that everything still works perfect however I got the car to tune. because the car is so nice I am having second thoughts on the tuning route
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