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Jan 29, 2017
2014 C Class 220CDI Coupe

I used this company for the first time this week and was really impressed with the prices and service. I was kept up to date with email and text and had a courtesy call to confirm the details of the tyres and access to the address.

Tyre prices were same as Blackcircles etc but I didn't have to go and wait in a freezing fitting depot reading 6 year old dog-eared copies of Autoexpress magazine. ;)

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I have no affiliation with the company apart from being a satisfied customer.
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I've also used them a couple of times and found them to be good though, at the time at least, they didn't have a Nationwide coverage. This was mentioned to me by Druk as they didn't cover his area then.

When I had my last set done on my previous car, the guy didn't have any black weights with him. Not a major problem but the shiny silver ones they now used would have looked awful on matt black rims, so the guy waited while I painted what was required. They needed scuffing up first though as the paint wouldn't stick, so I just bead blasted them, then sprayed them in Satin Black which was the closest I had. the guy then finished the balancing and put them back on the car, though left the tightening up to me at my insistence. He also made me sign a disclaimer to this effect. :)

Incidentally, you may want to check your link?
Link fixed thanks.

From their coverage page it looks like my area (Bristol) is not covered, but they responded to a email asking about it pretty quickly, and confirmed it was. I guess their coverage page is out of date?
Used a mobile fitter for the first time a couple of weeks ago.... ballsed it up massively although not the company you mention.

Enough to put me off using BC or mobile fitters ever again!
I used this company and no complaints at all. I had Goodyear tyres fitted and got £60 back from Goodyear. And they used a torque wrench to tighten the wheel bolts.
I wonder if this is the previous owners of Event Tyres, who sold it to the AA I seem to remember, now starting again.

Bit like Screwfix / Toolstation.
+1 for Tyres-on-the-drive used on another family members car.
I have them coming on Saturday to fit two Dunlop Sport Maxx RT on the back of my CLK The all in price is better than buying from Camskill and then getting them fitted by my local guy.
just put my postcode in and they can fit when you went through under the bit that says ''customers also bought'' lists Halfords stuff so perhaps thats who would fit them????
I just looked them up and for Michelin energy savers they quoted £117 per tyre whereas Kwikfit quoted £99 for the same tyre.
Maybe its these particular tyres that they cant compete on.
I’ve had a nightmare dealing with halfords mobile tyre fitting, and looking for advice.

A month ago we got a puncture on a relatively new set of tyres (one puncture rear right).I had it replaced by halfords mobile fitting. I was away for work and when I came back I noticed they fitted the wrong tyre make…

roll on 2 weeks later of complaining they have now fitted the correct tyre, however the TPMS light is constantly on. I reset it on the monitor and after driving a while it lights up again.

i have checked the pressures and they are all the same.
I had no idea Halfords had branches in the States.
Every day's a school day.
I used KwikFit mobile tyre fitting and they were great. I watched over the chap's shoulder though, I wouldn't dream of having a tyre replaced while I'm not present........
My local and favoured tyre fitters couldn’t give me a decent price on the tyres I wanted but told me to ring Blackcircles as they were their fitters in the area.
I have never used a mobile tyre fitter, my local fitter is too good, close and cheap, but his tyres are expensive, so I bought a couple of tyres from Asda, very cheap, and had them fitted by their recommended fitter, Richmond Motor Services LTD. Never again! One tyre flat and not fitted correctly 10 miles later. They had to come out, lorry me back and refit the luckily undamaged tyre.

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