W124 300CE 24 non runner

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Thats what I was thinking, but my drive way is now occupied by a skip, so I can either put it straight in it or it goes to someone that can fix it and not waste time.

As being in London, I don’t mind sending it further away, as long as he knows what needs to be done.
..and usualy the smaller garages are those that can solve such problems, so it does not have to be a MB specialist.
so it does not have to be a MB specialist.

I DO NOT agree with that. It DOES have to be a specialist in older MBs.

If you recover the car, take it to the RIGHT PLACE.

Once it's on the low loader you can go further afield.

Are you serious about this car? If so, be prepared to spend. If not, get shot of it to someone who understands them.

Sorry to be blunt but I cannot stress this enough.

I've spent loads on mine and it is now running well after half a million Kms. But I've had it for 25 years and, if I peg out today, my son will take it over.

Finally, is it rusty? If so, I'd dump it. Or really start spending.

Probably not want to hear but good hunting anyway.

All the best.

The body is in good condition and the paint is also good, a few chips here and there but in good overal condition. These things are apparently very reliable so once fixed it should run for a few years. There are only 50+ of those cars on the road now and I just dont want it to go like that.
Which part of London are you in? There may be someone close by that can take a look.
SW, TW16, Hampton area, surrey, are all good for me.
I can thoroughly recommend Ollie and co at PCS in Horndean. Used to look after our 124 although a later model. In fact Ollie bought it off us. They certainly know their stuff on the older models. Might be worth a call and getting it transported down if they think they can help.
Anyone know if Finch Motors in Brentford are any good? They get good reviews but I've no personal experience of them. Same for Wayne Gates.

OP, are you on Facebook? The W124 Owners UK group are pretty knowledgeable.
I can thoroughly recommend Ollie and co at PCS in Horndean. U

Yep. And you can tell him that my 1991 300CE aircon is still working after 5 years.

The MB specialist has checked compression and they found 2 cylinders being down on compression but this in my books should not stop the engine starting.

They have replaced the park plugs, I don’t know with what made.

The fuel pumps are new and both run on prime, fuel comes out from the injectors.

The car was running without a problem and one morning it refused to start. So I do not think is an air leak.

The issue is that the MB specialist can not start the car and is sitting in the garage since Jan 2023. Before that tried to start the car by the usual means, easy start on the intake etc. Checked that I get fuel on the engine, sparks, distributor, cables, crankshaft sensor, without luck. I decided to send it to a MB specialist and its seating there since then.

Now they are waiting to get a donor car in so they can swap thinks over and find what it wrong with it. Personally I don’t think they have the will to fix it hence not doing much on the car. I need a competent mechanic that can solve this issue and put the car back on the road so I can use it.

Just wanted to confirm that when you used easy start it tried to start, or nothing at all?

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