W204 C63 Gear box issue?

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Reading up on past information on the cost of rebuilding the TC and mct boxes, I'm still of the opinion there isn't much in it on a financial basis. If the information I was reading is of an accurate valuation. I'm also still of the opinion the more modern, dynamic ability of the mct box suits to my liking more than a TC box. The MCT suits the engine in the AMG very well. Where as the 5 speed is a great fit in the e320 CDI.
So genuine? I have had 2008 c63,2012 c63, 2017 c63 now have SLK55 AMG 2005 all have the 7 speed box but the difference between the 4 are night and day the question is why ,apart from mapping
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None of the above are as good as the 8 speed ZF box
Although I never had an issue with the 7g box in my 204 (apart from a clunky change in the lower ratios when cold), I must admit the ZF8 in the 3 series is pretty impressive; I like the way it downchanges and holds onto the lower gears to give engine braking when going downhill.Something the 7g needed a paddle shift command to do.
I guess it's all down to the programming.

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