w210 E320

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Aug 27, 2008
Was bringing some mates away for a fishing trip this weekend, all the gear wouldnt fit in my clk so borrowed my mothers 2000 e320 estate. The family has owned this car from new but I havent driven it in maybe 3 years, I was quite shocked at how "loose" it felt! I will describe some of the issues I found and if someone could help with what the problem may be I would have a better idea of cost to put right.

1/At motorway speed there is a significant juddering from the steering wheel. The car also seems to wander around (quite concerning) Is this tracking/alignment?

2/Every single bump in the road causes the suspension to knock, obviously a suspension part but is it dampers or something?

3/At one stage the car wouldnt change out of 2nd gear (started it in W mode so started in 2nd), I pulled over turned off the engine then restarted and it was ok for rest of weekend.

4/Wierdest of all, the engine is starting to sound like a diesel!! There is a noise which sounds like an air flow coming out of the drivers side air vent. I know this sounds mad but is there something that would be situated behind this in the engine bay? Its hard to explain the noise but its like a blower that increases with engine speed.

Moral of the story is DO NOT let mothers anywhere near perfectly good cars as they will wreck them and not even think there is something wrong!

Help appreciated,
1) Blancing & or Tracking
2) Anti Roll Bar Drop Links
3) Need codes read
4) Air filter housing loose or air intake leak somewhere?
For the engine noise check the steering column rubber grommet in the bulkhead. This is a common thing for splitting and you hear the engine noise in the cabin. You can check it from under the bonnet if you move the metal heat shield out of the way.
I've got a W210 estate and think the anti roll links have gone as it also makes a similar noise to the one described below.

Are these easy to replace myself?
they are not difficult but they can be very tight... keep a couple of extra torx bits handy and soak in WD40 before attempting.

Also when putting the new one on, getting the rubber to slide onto the arm is not easy... use lots of grease.

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