W211 SBC Pump Replacement - Any recommendations ?

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Have you considered going to Mercedes direct? They replaced the control module there for me FOC and told me that if the right codes had have been displayed by diagnostics that the actual pump would have been replaced FOC.
Did you have full mercedes service history?
Just phoned SBC Johnny, seems a lovely guy. He's based in Basingstoke but I believe can travel to provide the service. On balance I'll be booking in with him - will report back how I get on.
I think SBC issues are blown out of proportion on the net. It’s a good system and if the pump needs replacement after 20 years or whatever is that really a big deal?

People regularly spend hundreds of £££s replacing brake lines on all sorts of cars and you don’t see so many negative reports about that.

W210s newer had SBC but most were in the scrapyard at 20 years old :)

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