Want a Prestige Wax ? If you hand over £65,000

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God what have i started WW 3 ?????
Hi, this is so good that I couldn't resist buying some. I saw that he recommends it for RR etc. and, wait for it, Singer - and I have an old Singer sewing machine. Brilliant. So I have ordered 3 bottles of his wax to shine up my old Singer. I can't wait for delivery so that I can get polishing and bring my old Singer to better that original condition.

The only thing in the back of my mind when I got a loan to cover the repayment of my credit card, is - do you think this could be a scam. I don't think so because the pictures on the site are so nice. Surely no-one would put a picture of a couple of supercars on their site and then be dishonest -would they :fail

Regards, "Tim nice but Dim"


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